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G Chat November 16, 2018

THANKSGIVING BASKETS WILL BE ASSEMBLED  on Monday, Nov. 19th at 8:00am in the Fellowship Hall. Please join us for this fun preparation to share with others! The Outreach Team gives a big THANK YOU to all who contributed for the Thanksgiving   Baskets.  
In honor of or in remembrance of a loved one.  Sign-up sheets are in the Narthex and Worship Center.  The poinsettias are $10 each.  Make checks payable to the Cokes Chapel UMW.
HANGING OF THE GREENS (traditional decorating our worship spaces)
Sunday, Nov.  25TH
 A Special Cokes Day!
3:00 Make our Lights Shine! Come and help decorate the Sanctuary and worship center for Advent
5:00 Chili Supper enjoy fellowship and hearty meal together
Thursday, Dec. 6TH
9:30 am
Luthersville Senior Center
Join us as we journey to our favorite group for our meal and fellowship.  We will have music, laugher, a meal together and fun!  Questions? Contact the church office or Betsy Bagley.
Wanda Moore opens her home to the women of Cokes Chapel each year for the Christmas holidays. On Thursday  Dec. 13th at 11:30am bring a covered dish or dessert to share.  All women of the church are encouraged to join in the fun & fellowship.  Don’t forget to bring a friend! Questions or directions, contact Wanda at (770) 253-5921.
As we met for our final session, it was truly amazing to see how God brought so many things together.  This week our focus was on “What Must We Do?”  Our goal as a whole group (all four classes together) was to discern two Action Steps into which God is calling us.  After hearing and reviewing each class’ suggestions, commonalities among the suggestions were identified.  Out of those commonalities, two final action steps were agreed upon and adopted.  Those two action steps are:
1) Develop and implement a plan for intentional outreach to the Cokes Chapel Childcare Center, to include building on existing actions in place by: 
·         Inviting adults to existing youth programs in place with Childcare children;
·         Encourage wider participation in Prayer Team, as they continue monthly prayers for individual classes / families / teachers;  
·         Develop intentional adult volunteer presence in the Childcare Center during the week to assist as needed; and
2) Develop and implement a plan for combining our Worship Services, to include additional offerings for Bible Study and Prayer on Sunday mornings and other times.
Several people volunteered to serve on teams in order to best develop and implement these action steps. All are welcome to join in!  Please contact Pastor Lisa or Kim if you are interested.
Thank you all for the participation and prayer that has led us this far!  As we work together to live into these actions, we trust God to guide us in the days ahead.  We are truly grateful to God and to one another for this experience that we have shared!
Kim Reindl and Pastor Lisa
1. ONLINE GIVING   Visit ww.cokeschapel.org
· Click on Giving (Two options: Vanco or Paypal)
2. DONATE BY PHONE—Scan the picture below:
When you scan this barcode-like QR code image with a smartphone’s QR decoder, it will instantly  connect you to the mobile version of your web page. Try it yourself! To individuals who are familiar with QR codes, it will provide a quick and easy way to access your web page without having to type out a long web address and locate your link.
If you have questions about giving, please feel free to ask our staff, visit our website, or come by the office and we will be happy to help.

November 9, 2018 G Chat


We will celebrate our Stewardship Campaign and Recollection study this Sunday at 9:00 am in the Sanctuary.  This service will be full of music and celebrating our church family!  There will be a Covered Dish luncheon after so bring your sides that don’t need too much fuss and we’ll have plenty!  See you SUNDAY!

The childcare will have a fund raising “fun run” TODAY  Friday, Nov. 9th to benefit Cokes Childcare and the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation collect. With your sponsorships, we will be able to provide each child with a t-shirt for participating.
The Missions Team
is collecting donations to provide Thanksgiving Baskets to less fortunate families in the area.  We need your help!  Our Super Shopper team will begin collecting food with your monetary donations. You may donate funds to Larry or Caroline Huckaby, Betsy Bagley or Nancy Vermilyea.

In honor of or in remembrance of a loved one.  Sign-up sheets are in the Narthex and Worship Center.  The poinsettias are $10 each and need to be ordered no later than Sunday, Nov. 18th.  Make checks payable to the Cokes Chapel UMW.
Weekly “Recollection” Update, Week 7—This week we met together as a whole group one place at the same time.  Our focus for the week was “What is Our Vision?”  Throughout the week, folks were to read Scripture passages and reflect on God’s vision for their lives.  When we gathered as a whole group Sunday morning, everyone sat in class groups.  Each class brainstormed, based on what they had done together in the first six weeks, and came up with a vision statement for the church.  Each vision statement included three elements: 1) adjectives defining our congregation, 2) the group’s definition of Christian community, and 3) how our strengths and our calling as a congregation combine to form God’s vision for us.  Each class shared their statement and then we discussed the themes or commonalities among all the statements. 

The final vision statement created for the congregation, which seeks to honor what God has brought to our attention through the work of the classes, is as follows:  “Because we have identified ourselves to be generous, caring, and loving people of God, and because we believe that God’s call for us is to reach out to others in the community and beyond, we believe that God’s vision for the future of our congregation is for us to unite as God’s people through prayer, obedience, relationship, and humility, so that we may grow the Kingdom of God through proactive outreach that honors diversity and ministry that crosses societal boundaries.”

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