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G Chat October 4, 2019

Come prepared to participate in the sacrament of Holy Communion. As you receive the bread and cup, remember that you are part of the Church Universal, united in Christ across time and space

To Cokes Chapel UMC
We feel so blessed to have a church family who comes together in times of crisis with love and support.  We give you our heartfelt thanks for all the prayers and the generous donations that you have made to help our son, Mark, and his family when they lost everything in a house fire this week.  He has been overwhelmed by your kindness and is moving forward knowing that God is with him each step of the way.
From Ernie & Brenda Hanes

OCT. 6th – 120/60? Blood pressure is a helpful indicator of how our body is doing! Your Nurture team will begin offering Blood pressure checks the first Sunday of each month in the Sacristy / Worship Room from 10:10 to 10:50. Stop by and let one of our caring nurses check your BP. Cokes cares about you! Questions? Speak to Pastor Lisa, Elaine Lassiter, Karen Seyler or Ann Navin.

Starting This Sunday!
Once again, we will participate in Operation Christmas Child – a program sponsored by Samaritan’s Purse that delivers Christmas shoeboxes to children around the world.  Boxes are now available for pick-up in the Narthex and Worship Center.  Please take one or more boxes and return no later than Sunday, Nov. 3rd.  Instructions for packing are included in each box. Questions? Contact Ms. Brenda at brenda.hanes@yahoo.com  or (770) 251-1857.

The Ladies Lunch Bunch will be meeting on Thursday, Oct. 10th at 11:30 am at the Fried Tomato Buffet located at 1180 Bullsboro Drive in Newnan. Any questions contact Ms. Wanda Moore at (678) 410-9274 or email at mickmoore1942@gmail.com.


UMW – Fall Fundraiser
Wednesday Night Supper, Oct. 23rd
Plan now to attend the Wednesday night Fall Fundraiser Supper sponsored by the United Methodist Women.  We will be serving our best chili, homemade soup, steaming hot baked potato with all the fixin’s along with Cokes “famous” dessert line up and drinks.  Tickets on sale now: Adults $7.00, Children (10 & under) $ 3.00.  All proceeds from the supper will go to help the family who recently lost everything in a house fire. Get your tickets today!

For all of us, there are many demands on our time.  This weekend was no different, as Cokes offered both a Labyrinth learning experience, a time to walk a canvas labyrinth, and Sunday to sing some of our old favorites in a unified worship, followed by a cover dish meal that had the tables groaning and our tummies full!
Our Friday night walk on the canvas labyrinth was a quiet, reflective time.  Most who came had already had an experience walking, yet as we are learning, every walk is different. Saturday morning, we served a breakfast worthy of kings and queens, with our excellent speaker John Rhodes.  John lead us through learning how to draw a labyrinth, provided both history and current inspiration for the use of labyrinths, from prayer, healing and even wedding ceremonies.  Twenty-eight of us were together as we concluded with a walk.  We all left inspired and excited for the future potential of the labyrinth for us and our community!
Want to know more?  We will keep you informed as we proceed.  John spent quite a bit of time with Jackson Smith, our Eagle Scout who will construct our labyrinth.  Many are asking where we will put it.  Jackson is working on the options and when he knows more, he will present options to the Trustees and to Church Council, as well as make his plans available for you.  We expect that to take place once Jackson completes his Marching Band season!
Taking steps together, to grow and experience God in our lives – for our benefit and God’s glory!!

Peace, Pastor Lisa

Sunday, October 27th  
3:00-5:00 PM
Cokes Chapel Folks Needed to:
Provide TRUNKS!
Volunteer to Help with the Event!

Sunday School Classes: Cokes Chapel leadership is committed to growing disciples for Jesus Christ. Seek out a class, and new offerings to come!
10:10am:                     Location
Eubanks Class             Front room of Sanctuary
Fellowship Class          Fellowship Hall across street
Intergenerational          After-School Rm Worship Ctr

You are invited to join our Prayer Warriors in prayer, every Wednesday at 5:30pm in the Fellowship Hall or Eubanks Room.  Questions?  Contact Debbie Carter at debbiecarter30263@charter.net

G Chat September 20, 2019

Important Calendar Notes! Note Change in time!! 

Sept. 29th  Meet in the Middle, 5th Sunday 
    9:00 am Sunday School TBD by each class 
    10:00 am Sanctuary ONE WORSHIP SERVICE with Old Time Gospel singing followed by 
    11:30 am Covered dish lunch & surprise dessert in the Worship Center.  Having Good times &  Making Good memories!

It’s the Small Things that Add Up…  Today is the last day save the church mailing costs by picking up your envelope! 

Returning your envelope with information counts as we gather information to form our budget.  Please pray and return your cards by Sunday, Sept. 29. A box will be in each worship center or you may drop them off at the Church Office.  Your information makes such a difference! 

God depends on your hands, heart and giving to do the ministry of Cokes Chapel. We have done so much with God’s help and your support!  I can only imagine what we can do in 2020. We are thankful for you!  

Pastor Lisa, Stewardship and Finance Committee

peanut butter    jelly (grape, apple)
canned meat    canned milk
cereal/oatmeal    egg noodles
spaghetti sauce    tomato sauce
canned fruit    canned peas
bag rice    dry beans

Thoughts on Stewardship:  Free Will and Choices
One of God’s many gifts to mankind is free will.  We make conscious choices in our lives rather than being compelled to make decisions by God.
Since man’s fall from Grace, we struggle to find our way in an imperfect world, not of God’s choosing.
On the one hand, God’s little voice in our ear exhorts us to cleave to Him in all that we do.  While at the same time, Satan is whispering in the other ear, “You can be like God”.  These are choices with vastly different outcomes.
So what are your goals in life?  Be successful in business and garner admiration from your peers and others?
Do you worry about your legacy, how you will be remembered after you are gone?
Or do you make another choice, seek first His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you?  (Matthew 6: 33-34)
They say you can tell much about a person simply by observing how they spend their money and where they spend their time, or as the Bible phrases it, “For where your treasure is, your heart will be also”.  (Matthew 6: 21)
Be the hands and feet of Jesus by giving your first fruits to God and lay up your treasure in heaven.
Your treasure allows our church to support multiple missionaries and causes.  Cokes Chapel will support Caleb Earle starting this year in his missionary work in Italy.  (Caleb is a grandson of Floyd and Donna Collins.)
Bob Hatch

Friday, Sept. 27 night, 6-7:30 Open Walk
Saturday morning, Sept. 28, 8:30 gather for coffee, light pickups in the Worship Center  
9:00, Dr. John Rhodes*
*About Our Guest Speaker… John began his involvement with Labyrinths in 1998. By 2001, John was trained and certified as a facilitator by The Rev. Dr. Lauren Artress at Grace Episcopal Cathedral and studied under Robert Ferre, one of the world’s foremost labyrinth builders.
Get your tickets today Brian Smith, Lynda Hawkins, for Dr. Rhodes Saturday presentation.  Donation is $ 5.00 

United Methodists Responding to Disaster

UMCOR on the ground! UMCOR agency will partner with Methodists in the Bahamas to meet basic needs for survivors and those who are suffering following Hurricane Dorian. The Grand Bahama & Abaco Islands were decimated.
If you would like to contribute to this fund, please make checks payable to Cokes Chapel UMC (or place cash) in an envelope located on the back of the pews.  On the bottom of your check or the front of the envelope, please designate  Bahama Relief Fund #4390.  Thank you for giving to help those suffering.

Prayer Labyrinth as Ministry
for Ourselves, Church and Community
Do you ever have those times when your mind won’t stop racing when your burdens feel too heavy to bear but too clawing to let go?  Do you wonder if there were any way to just STOP. To take time to breathe and pray and just BE?

The ministry of the Labyrinth was created hundreds of years ago for this very reason.  The path of prayer and meditation, one that gives you time to slowly release your burdens to God, to center yourself, and then to return to the world, is a gift we give to our congregation and the community at large.

Once in place, the Labyrinth will minister to our community, made available to those who need it, day or night, a gift given and received. Our ministry will reach far beyond the walls of our buildings and into the greater world.  For it is not intended for private use, but to give others outside our congregation an opportunity to be blessed in the same way. We invite you to be a part of this wondrous ministry!

Lynda Hawkins