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G Chat March 26, 2020

Daily Devotions from Pastor Lisa began in response to our pandemic. I felt this could be a way to reach out and let you know you are thought of, prayed for and loved.  Currently, I am using the church-wide email list but hope to separate from this list and create one that you can “choose to continue” to receive daily devotions.  I will continue to post on Facebook on my and Cokes Chapel’s Facebook page.

How are we experiencing this current pandemic?  This spot is reserved for you to share experiences, thoughts with our community.  Be mindful that we are wishing to encourage one another.
Send your story to Pastor Lisa at ldempsey@cokeschapel.org today.  We are all in this together!  Let’s share the light of Christ with one another!

This is certainly a trying time in our lives.  We have never experienced a pandemic. Our lives have changed which usually brings on anxiety, worry and even fear.  A preacher, most of you know him, told his congregation, if you get tired, weary, afraid, mad, upset…GO TO THE CROSS.  Imagine yourself at the foot of the cross looking up. He said, you will find your answers there. Think about that one!
To be honest, I have struggled the past few weeks trying to figure out what we will do without a weekly tithe, I thought I was in control of tithing (thank you Pastor Lisa for setting me straight on that).  I know what God expects, it’s simple, TRUST AND OBEY.  I have seen HIS presence many times during the past weeks; and, honestly, I think HE might have winked at me when I finally realized, through the chaos of  my mind,  HE was here, there and everywhere!!!!!  Look for HIM, Listen for HIM, Feel HIS presence.  We are HIS Church, He will never leave us. 
Current Year-to-Date Financial Snapshot: (UMC Conference Board of Pensions will pay the church portion of Pastor Lisa’s Healthflex Insurance for April-June… a savings of a little over $1000+ per month.)
Monthly Projected Budget = $22,408.00
January General Funds $18,909.00 + $1000 rent + $921.95 Childcare Tithe = $20,830.95
February General Funds $23,234.78 + $1000 rent + $778.47 Childcare Tithe = $25,013.25
March General Funds (YTD)  $21,610 (March 8 and March 15 = $6069;  March 22 has not been posted) 
From God’s church including the Committee on Finance, thank you for giving from your heart for that’s where your treasure is. We have been blessed.

Cokes Care Team Phone Tree – We hope that each of you have received a call from one of our 8 members of the phone tree.  We want to keep in touch with you!  Each week when you receive a call, we will be making sure you are well, checking in to see if there is a specific need we can meet, and with your help, continue to build an accurate Directory to make available to the membership.  Questions?  Contact Pastor Lisa at ldempsey@cokeschapel.org  

Food Pantry Update:  We are not going to ask anyone anymore to go to the grocery store for food items for the FOOD PANTRY.  We received generous donations on Monday.  We are asking you to check your cupboard at home for items that you can spare for the FOOD PANTRY such as spaghetti noodles, spaghetti sauce. rice, dry beans, jelly, chicken in a can, tuna in a can, noodles, soups. and cereal.  The Fellowship Hall will be open on Monday’s between 9-11 AM to drop off food you can spare from your cupboard.  Someone will be available to take your donations and give out food.  We have about 14 bags of food to hand out on Monday during that time.  Thank you for your generous giving!  We encourage you to look for God’s presence in your life…He is there.   
United Methodist Women are making plans to beautify the front of the church by Easter Sunday! It’s going to be awesome!!!!  Lots of Love from UMW.

During this time of “Social Distancing,” we are all in prayer and contemplation about how to best connect with God and one another.  In addition to our regular community gatherings, like worship, Sunday School, and Youth Group being halted, our larger events, like the annual Easter Egg Hunt and the Inter-generational trip to the Biblical History Center have been canceled.   Yet, amidst it all, we are still community!  I am continuing to compile and offer materials for Lenten study on “The Way of Prayer” through email to the Inter-generational Sunday School class each week.  Also, I am in connection with the youth and their families through texts and phone conversations on a frequent basis.  Out of this unique situation, God is opening us to new ways to connect, grow, and serve.  New developments are in the works.  My trust during this time is in the fact that God does NOT cause bad things to happen, but rather that God can use all things for good (Romans 8:28).  It will be exciting to see what good God will bring forth in the weeks ahead!              


Cokes Chapel Prayer Team is praying for all of you.  Your requests, concerns and praises are important to us.  Please let us know if you need anything or have a special prayer request.  I am available and happy to pray with you by telephone or just be a listening ear.  Please join us in daily praying for God to heal our world.  Claim it in the powerful name of Jesus Christ and give thanks to God for all things.   Blessings, Debbie Carter


Outreach brings Good News!!
Dear Cokes Chapel friends, Thanks to your generosity and love at our Mission Dinner and Auction, as well as our Valentine’s dinner!  Together we raised more than we had pledged to their ministries. This week, we were pleased to send a “Special Blessing” of $1000. to all three missionaries.  This gift is in addition to our quarterly pledges of $300 each.

They sent a note in response that we are sharing with you. It is evident that this was truly a Special Blessing!  Enjoy!  Betsy and Earl Bagley, Outreach Chairpersons

From Caleb Earle* in Africa: Oh my goodness! Thank you so much! I can’t begin to express how grateful I am to you all!! I am very excited to see you all as soon as I get home! 

We received word today that we will be getting on a flight Tuesday morning with the American embassy to head back to the US. We will be self quarantining for 14 days when we get back. But whenever this mess clears up, I look forward to sharing with you all how incredibly God has worked over this time!!

From Allie and David Houle in Thailand:  Thank you so much for all the hard work you and people at Cokes Chapel do for missions. The number of people in Thailand infected is still low, so we are happy to say we don’t know anyone with the virus. Pattaya is a tourist town, and now there are no tourists. Most of the tourists are usually from China, so this is a big problem for our area.

Most of the blessing home kids’ moms work in a hotel, restaurant, massage, or walking street. About half of them have lost their jobs or have been laid off indefinitely and have no income. They are asking for help for money for food and paying rent, so it is a challenging time of figuring out how we can help. Getting donations at this time is extremely helpful for us, so thank you so so much.  Allie and David

From Amanda and Matt Hadden in South Dakota: We have had to cancel incoming teams for March and April.  Praying through how summer camp will look this summer as numbers may be limited or teams may be unable to come. We are asking God for wisdom in many areas for sure.  Please pass on our thanks!! Amanda Hadden


Our Cokes Chapel Child Care has closed as of Tuesday, March 24.  Gov. Kemp’s guide on social distance with 10 or more in a gathering created the need to close. We want to keep staff and children safe.  

Your CCCC board, chair, Keith Simpson and Director Kristin McCoy have done an outstanding job maintaining the safety of our children during this time!  Say a prayer for this great group of staff and also for the families this will affect.

Note from Board:  Monday afternoon Governor Kemp ordered all non-essential businesses to close who could not maintain groups of less than 10 people while maintaining 6 feet of separation. We were unable to meet this requirement, so we were forced to close. This order is effective until April 6, 2020.  Obviously, it may be extended as conditions are required. We know this is causing hardships on some of our families who are first responders, nurses, and other essential workers. Please keep them in your prayers.
We are going to be able to provide some financial support to our employees for at least a few weeks. This pandemic is going to present challenges to all of us financially. Fortunately, the childcare center is on solid ground financially so we should be able to weather the storm. Please keep the employees in your prayers during these trying times. I truly believe we will come together as a community and come out of this stronger.
Keith Simpson
CCCC Board Chairman

Council of Bishops issued a notice that the General Conference that was scheduled for May 2020 has been moved to 2021.  Please read the full article for further information.  https://www.unitedmethodistbishops.org/newsdetail/umc-general-conference-to-move-to-2021-13535402.

Show our Shut-ins some Love!  
A note from you would brighten their day and make a difference.  You don’t even have to “know” them, just sign the card, “your Coke’s Chapel Family”.Consider sending one card each week to rotate through the list, and let the Cokes Chapel love shine out!


Marie Allen 355 Millard Farmers Industrial Blvd. Apt. 212 Newnan, GA 30263

Jerry Freeman 28 Sweetwater Place, Sharpsburg, GA 30277-1 882

Jerry & Del Lenox 45 Soliel Ct. Sharpsburg, GA 30277-2307

Mick Moore 4661 Highway 34E, Sharpsburg, GA 30277-3509

Merlene Smith 25 Newnan Lakes Blvd., C/o Benton House Newnan, GA. 30263-5791

Claudette Schunk 519 Perkins Rd. Apt. 222 Palmetto, GA. 30268-2365

Joyce Taylor 152 Riva Ridge Ln   Newnan, GA 30263-6713

Al Warren 14 Hampshire Ln   Newnan, GA 30265-6058


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G Chat March 20, 2020

Dear folks,

Our G-chat is taking a different focus as we address the Pandemic.  New efforts to be in touch and care for you are in process. There will be more in here about proactive service and ministry than “events”, all of which have been canceled until further notice.

Your leadership of Cokes has stepped up to take more on to serve and keep us informed!

> I ask you to pray for our Cokes leadership, for our congregation, our Child Care Center on the front lines of ministry, for our community and world.  Pray for me and all pastors who are also seeking to pastor and serve in love.

> You can expect a weekly G-Chat by the end of the week.  I continue to write a daily meditation and post on my email page (friend me if you haven’t) and on the Cokes Chapel Facebook page (connect there too!)

> I plan to do a video Worship/meditation and prayer for Sunday.  It will be posted on my personal and Church page of Facebook.  If you need help getting on either of these, just go to Facebook, join, and “like” or Friend those two sites.

You are loved, prayed for and very special to me and God,

Pastor Lisa

P.S. I really mean this – Lord help me! – you will have a video recorded Message and prayer posted on email/Facebook page at 11:00 am on Sunday for our worship time together in spirit.


Launching new Phone Tree Care Team, Thursday, March 19!

Cokes Care Phone Tree Team is now formed as we “hunker down” for this time of social distancing to reach out to our congregation.  Each of you should get a phone call in the next few days from one of our team.  If you don’t, please reach out to Pastor Lisa 770-598-5066. We are still refining our Directory and will be making it available to you very soon!


The purpose of the Phone Tree call is to check in with each of you and let you know we care.  You will be asked if there you are self quarantined and do not have help, can we do anything for you – groceries, meds delivered, etc? Our goal is to continue this throughout this time when we are unable to meet for worship and small groups.  Callers will share more as they speak personally with you.


Thank you to our new Phone Tree Care Team: Keith Simpson, Lynda Hawkins, Larry Carter, Kelly Bomba, Bob Hatch, Jean Raines, Raven Ferrell, and Carma McCallie. Be expecting a call!

Your Prayer Team has a special prayer prepared for you that will come by separate email.  You are being prayed for!  If you have a prayer request, please reach out to Pastor Lisa by email ldempsey@cokeschapel.org or 770-598-5066 or Debbie Carter by debbiecarter30263@charter.net

or 678-233-4980.


Your Finance Chair, Vivian Snyder sent a church-wide email yesterday, Thursday, to keep you updated.  Please check out the “Ways to Give”.  An easy way to keep up is to mail your tithe/giving to Cokes Chapel UMC, 4096 Lower Fayetteville Rd, Sharpsburg, GA 30277, or drop your envelope in the small black mailbox to the right wall/outside the office door.

Remember that your giving to the ministry of Cokes is important to sustaining how we can serve.  We are praying for you, your needs and your concerns too.  We trust that your discipleship will continue in all areas of prayer, worship, giving, service, and witness. It may be taking new forms, but it still can happen!



The Food Pantry has been Busy on your Behalf!

This last week has been good as we have been having had provisions to give to those facing food scarcity and hard to see how this current Pandemic is affecting our community.


Due to this week’s demand, our pantry needs a strong influx of the following supplies:  

It would be very helpful if you could bring your cans already marked on the front of your cans (large enough to see!) with Sell Date


These items are in short supply, or out of stock*.

Any or all items will be greatly appreciated!

16 oz. Bag Spaghetti*

16 oz. Bag Egg Noodles*

26 oz. Spaghetti Sauce*

  1 box Crackers*

10 oz. Can of Soup

  5 oz. Can of Tuna* or other meat*

  1 box Cereal*

16 oz. Bag of rice regular size

16 oz. Bag of Dry Beans

  7  oz. Box Macaroni and  Cheese*

  1 small jar Peanut Butter

  1 jar Jelly

Cans of fruit

Cans of vegetables – except:

   no corn, green beans or                         

            sweet peas for now

Just Honk! For food drop off: The office has limited hours, Monday-Wednesday, 10-2 pm, which may be shortened, so call before coming. Betsy will be in the Fellowship Hall this Monday, March 23, from 10-11 am. For drop off. During this time, we will offer curbside pickup – just pull in the handicap space next to the walkway and honk the horn!

A special thanks to every member, and the UMW and Sherba Peek for keeping our pantry ready to serve. Thank you for your generosity!

Know someone who needs assistance? Contact Pastor Lisa at 770-598-5066.

From our Cokes Chapel Child Care Director (Sent to the CCCC Board, summarized for brevity)           

March 20, 2020

Good morning everyone,

Bringing you an update….

About other daycares: still open in this area. They have changed the hours and reduced the staff from what I have heard.


Our Daycare/Services: classrooms of 10 or less. Established separate playgrounds due to low numbers. Playgrounds are sprayed down in the evening. The playground was professionally cleaned/sanitized Wednesday.


Active Health practices: temperatures are monitored throughout the day. Teachers know symptoms and are able to focus on the children. Also, our parents are being very cautious about keeping sick children at home.


Current attendance: about 1/3 of our normal attendance. Several are critical workers and have no support system. Other parents are literally bringing their children so they can :

            1. Work from home without distraction

            2. Provide us income so that we can stay open to serve other families that so desperately need our services and

            3. Help be able to cover payroll for our teachers during this time.

I know this to be accurate because I have spoken to several parents this morning about it and our plan for this next week. Today have 20 families that are depending on our care, 15 families are here to help support our business and other families. For those 20 families, we have heard over and over and over about how thankful they are.

We are literally operating on a day-to-day schedule for our parents. They understand the potential to close if that develops. I send a daily email to the parents keeping them updated.

Kristin McCoy, Director of CCCC

Man in Red Drops By! 
Your Leaders in Action! A suggestion was made to put an envelope slot in our Office door to accept your gracious giving.  Thank you for your support and our attentive leadership.  Cokes is who we are in Christ because of You!

A special thanks to Tony Pennington, Don & Barbara Cobb’s long time construction resource. He can do almost anything. Tony showed up the day Don called and installed our shiny new door slot you see! Wouldn’t take a dime for doing it for us! Thank you, Tony! Need his help with home projects?  Contact him at (404) 427-3875.


Alvin Warren, as he moves to Benton House
Burt Taylor
Terri Cannon, friend of Jean Raines
Van Askew, uncle of Jim Askew
Jerry Freeman
Dorothy Croft, Mike Croft’s
Bob Brown, Pat Harkins
Peggy Blackmon, sister of
Paul Snyder
Jill, friend of Carol Ross

Stan Smith, M. Smith’s husband
Roger Harkins
Darius Allen, Marie Allen’s son
Cera Carter
Mick Moore
Jake Thomas, brother-in-law of Lorraine Burt
Pastor Wayne Ellis & Family
Jones family, Howard & Margie, etal
Glenn Etheridge (Pastor)

Marie Allen
Merlene Smith
Joyce Taylor
Claudette Schunk
Jerry & Del Lenox

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G Chat March 6, 2020

Easter Hydrangeas
We will be decorating our church with hydrangeas on Easter Sunday.  If you would like to purchase one of these beautiful flowers in honor of or in memory of someone, please fill out the signup sheet in the narthex or Worship Center. Then put $20 cash or check – made out to Cokes Chapel UMW – in the provided envelope and place in the collection plate.  The deadline for ordering hydrangeas is March 29, 2020.

Reminder:  Town Hall meeting on the future of the UMC here in North Georgia and beyond, with Bishop Sue on Sunday, March 29, at Fayetteville First UMC 3:30

All men are invited to our new United Methodist Men’s Group!! 
The UMM are hosting breakfast on Saturday, March 14th at 8:00 am in the Fellowship Hall.  We will have breakfast, do a bit of business, and most exciting – we are fortunate to have Louis Johnson, President of the North Georgia Conference of UMM as our guest speaker.  I promise that you won’t get bored! Questions? Cliff Seyler at cliffcfc14@gmail.com or 252-562-3077.

MARCH 22, 2020 is UMCOR SUNDAY.  If your heart leads you give, please write UMCOR in the memo of your check/or envelope.
UMC congregations take part in a special offering, providing for United Methodist Committee on Relief’s (UMCOR) ministry. UMCOR alleviates human suffering around the world in disaster relief/supplies, disaster risk reduction, health, and humanitarian development. This annual offering covers the cost of administration so 100% of giving to a specific UMCOR project, like the hurricane that hit Puerto Rico.  Your sacrificial gift makes a difference!

Women’s Lunch Bunch
 will be going to Barnstormer’s Grill on Thursday, March 12th.  The bus will be leaving the church parking lot at 10:30 am.  Questions contact Vivian Snyder at 770-304-6563.

Outreach:  The Outreach Committee requests pop-top ravioli cups for the Backpack Buddies.  Drop donations in the Narthex or Worship Center.  Monetary donations designated for Backpack Buddies will also be accepted.  Please contact Jessica Askew at jaskew40@att.net with any questions.

Labyrinth Update:
Despite the rain, progress is being made! Jackson Smith and the planning team wish to thank you for your support and donations in constructing and funding our prayer labyrinth.  As progress is made, we are able to project a cost of $ 3,000.00.  To date, Cokes family and others have given $ 1,200. in donations. This is phenomenal!  Your generosity is deeply appreciated. Thank you.
If you have not yet given to the Prayer Labyrinth project and wish to support its construction and supplies, you may write the check/donate cash to Cokes Chapel UMC and designate on the memo line of the check or envelope “Labyrinth” to assure your gift is credited to the proper place.

Prayer Labyrinth First Use! Our Prayer labyrinth will be ready on Good Friday, Friday, April 10 for a walk.  Integrating prayer into the Friday service will enhance our reflections and preparation for Easter Sunday.  The Worship will be set up with stations that will allow you to read, reflect and stop to remember Holy Week at different points, including the Prayer Labyrinth.  This inaugural use of the prayer walk can open our spirits to a richer experience on Easter morning!

Church Work Day – Saturday, April 4thjoin your church family for a church-wide beautification day.  The congregation is asked to donate flower packs and help plant.  You may also contribute to the cost of loads of dirt or mulch to get ready for Easter.  Kevin Beam will help with planting.  Designate checks to “outdoor flowers”.  We will be starting at 8:00 am.  Wear gloves and work boots.  Bring your own shovel, rake or wheelbarrow. 

G Chat February 28, 2020

We will continue to do blood pressure checks the 1st Sunday of each month in the acolyte/communion room after worship.  Stop by THIS SUNDAY!

Trustees have scheduled two Church Workdays:
Saturday, March 7thjoin your church family for outdoor spring cleaning.  Starting at 8:00 am we will pick up garbage, debris, do power-washing, wood-chipping and/or burn.  Congregation, Scouts, and Youth are asked to pitch in to get ready for Easter!  Wear gloves, and bring your own work tools, rake, shovel, weed wacker, wheelbarrow and cheerful spirit.
Saturday, March 21stjoin your church family for a church-wide beautification day.  The congregation is asked to donate flower packs and help plant.  You may also contribute to cost of loads of dirt or mulch to get ready for Easter.  Kevin Beam will help with planting.  Designate checks to “outdoor flowers”.  We will be starting at 8:00 am.  Wear gloves and work boots.  Bring your own shovel, rake or wheelbarrow. 

The Outreach Committee is requesting donations of pop-top ravioli cups for the Backpack Buddies food drive.  Donations may be dropped off in the Narthex or Worship Center.  Monetary donations designated for Backpack Buddies will also be accepted.  Please contact Jessica Askew at jaskew40@att.net with any questions.

Boy Scouts
The Boy Scouts would like to share that the national organization of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to achieve two key objectives: equitably compensate victims who were harmed during their time in Scouting and continue to carry out Scouting’s mission for years to come. 
Scouting programs will continue.  Regular unit meetings and activities, other Scouting adventures and countless services projects will continue at Cokes Chapel.
For additional information see www.BSArestructuring.org.

Labyrinth Update:
Jackson Smith has begun the installation of our Prayer Labyrinth.  It is located outside the Worship Center, on your left, facing the building. Our labyrinth will add a new ministry dimension to our church and community.  It will also be registered with the National Labyrinth Society.  Building a labyrinth is a costly project.  Your donations would be greatly appreciated.  Any unused funds will be donated to Cokes Chapel. Please designate funds by writing “labyrinth” in the memo section of the check or on the envelope. I am very excited about this project because of its uniqueness and benefit to the church and the community.  Thank you so much for helping me accomplish my goal!   
Yours in Christ, Jackson Smith

If you are interested, join us on Monday, March 3rd at 1:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall for a labyrinth planning meeting.  We will discuss the Grand Opening and fundraising.  Questions contact Pastor Lisa

Our New United Methodist Men’s Group is off to a great start!
Our next meeting is a breakfast meeting on Saturday, March 14th at 8:00 am in the Fellowship Hall.  We will have breakfast, do a bit of business, but the most exciting part of the meeting will be our speaker!  We are fortunate to have Louis Johnson, President of the North Georgia Conference of United Methodist Men coming.  I promise that you won’t get bored!  He will help us to get started the right way!  Questions?  Contact Cliff Seyler at cliffcfc14@gmail.com or call him at 252-562-3077.

A note from the Finance Committee:

GENERAL FUNDS are those funds donated to the church for general operating costs including payroll, programs, insurance (i.e. buildings, workers comp) mortgages (Youth House, CCCC building, bus lease), capital improvements (i.e. HVAC), maintenance repairs, utilities, plus other smaller expenses.

Currently, we have a number of aging buildings and support the utilities for three buildings (utilities run $12,000 annually).  All the Cokes ministries require your faithful and generous donations.  Keeping the lights on and maintaining repairs is as important to our ministries as providing Holy Communion…it is all part of worshipping our Savior, Jesus Christ.