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G Chat September 20, 2019

Important Calendar Notes! Note Change in time!! 

Sept. 29th  Meet in the Middle, 5th Sunday 
    9:00 am Sunday School TBD by each class 
    10:00 am Sanctuary ONE WORSHIP SERVICE with Old Time Gospel singing followed by 
    11:30 am Covered dish lunch & surprise dessert in the Worship Center.  Having Good times &  Making Good memories!

It’s the Small Things that Add Up…  Today is the last day save the church mailing costs by picking up your envelope! 

Returning your envelope with information counts as we gather information to form our budget.  Please pray and return your cards by Sunday, Sept. 29. A box will be in each worship center or you may drop them off at the Church Office.  Your information makes such a difference! 

God depends on your hands, heart and giving to do the ministry of Cokes Chapel. We have done so much with God’s help and your support!  I can only imagine what we can do in 2020. We are thankful for you!  

Pastor Lisa, Stewardship and Finance Committee

peanut butter    jelly (grape, apple)
canned meat    canned milk
cereal/oatmeal    egg noodles
spaghetti sauce    tomato sauce
canned fruit    canned peas
bag rice    dry beans

Thoughts on Stewardship:  Free Will and Choices
One of God’s many gifts to mankind is free will.  We make conscious choices in our lives rather than being compelled to make decisions by God.
Since man’s fall from Grace, we struggle to find our way in an imperfect world, not of God’s choosing.
On the one hand, God’s little voice in our ear exhorts us to cleave to Him in all that we do.  While at the same time, Satan is whispering in the other ear, “You can be like God”.  These are choices with vastly different outcomes.
So what are your goals in life?  Be successful in business and garner admiration from your peers and others?
Do you worry about your legacy, how you will be remembered after you are gone?
Or do you make another choice, seek first His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you?  (Matthew 6: 33-34)
They say you can tell much about a person simply by observing how they spend their money and where they spend their time, or as the Bible phrases it, “For where your treasure is, your heart will be also”.  (Matthew 6: 21)
Be the hands and feet of Jesus by giving your first fruits to God and lay up your treasure in heaven.
Your treasure allows our church to support multiple missionaries and causes.  Cokes Chapel will support Caleb Earle starting this year in his missionary work in Italy.  (Caleb is a grandson of Floyd and Donna Collins.)
Bob Hatch

Friday, Sept. 27 night, 6-7:30 Open Walk
Saturday morning, Sept. 28, 8:30 gather for coffee, light pickups in the Worship Center  
9:00, Dr. John Rhodes*
*About Our Guest Speaker… John began his involvement with Labyrinths in 1998. By 2001, John was trained and certified as a facilitator by The Rev. Dr. Lauren Artress at Grace Episcopal Cathedral and studied under Robert Ferre, one of the world’s foremost labyrinth builders.
Get your tickets today Brian Smith, Lynda Hawkins, for Dr. Rhodes Saturday presentation.  Donation is $ 5.00 

United Methodists Responding to Disaster

UMCOR on the ground! UMCOR agency will partner with Methodists in the Bahamas to meet basic needs for survivors and those who are suffering following Hurricane Dorian. The Grand Bahama & Abaco Islands were decimated.
If you would like to contribute to this fund, please make checks payable to Cokes Chapel UMC (or place cash) in an envelope located on the back of the pews.  On the bottom of your check or the front of the envelope, please designate  Bahama Relief Fund #4390.  Thank you for giving to help those suffering.

Prayer Labyrinth as Ministry
for Ourselves, Church and Community
Do you ever have those times when your mind won’t stop racing when your burdens feel too heavy to bear but too clawing to let go?  Do you wonder if there were any way to just STOP. To take time to breathe and pray and just BE?

The ministry of the Labyrinth was created hundreds of years ago for this very reason.  The path of prayer and meditation, one that gives you time to slowly release your burdens to God, to center yourself, and then to return to the world, is a gift we give to our congregation and the community at large.

Once in place, the Labyrinth will minister to our community, made available to those who need it, day or night, a gift given and received. Our ministry will reach far beyond the walls of our buildings and into the greater world.  For it is not intended for private use, but to give others outside our congregation an opportunity to be blessed in the same way. We invite you to be a part of this wondrous ministry!

Lynda Hawkins

G Chat September 27, 2019


TONIGHT – Friday night, Sept. 27,

            6:00 -7:30 pm This is Your Time!  Explore the labyrinth on your own.

            You will be provided a basic “exploration” handout for walking.

            Meet Dr. Rhodes who will be around if you have questions. 

No ticket necessary!


Saturday morning, Sept. 28,

            8:30 am gather for a hot and cold breakfast spread prepared just for you

            9:00 Dr. John Rhodes, Prayer Labyrinth

                        concluding with the opportunity to walk the canvas Labyrinth. 



ONE OF OUR OWN IN NEED  Mark Hanes and his family (Brenda & Ernie Hanes’ son), lost their home in this horrific fire.  The family are all fine but have lost everything.  Mark recently had surgery on his ankle and surely God helped them escape the fire.  Mark has insurance but won’t replace everything.  They have not asked for help, but friends have set up a GoFundMe account if anyone would like to help. Just click on the link below. Please keep Mark and the kids in your prayers. 

Do you consider Cokes Chapel your home? If you said “Yes!” then this note is for you! Your faith community depends on everyone to take part – as Christians, we are called to worship, serve, give and witness for Jesus Christ.  Those four things make up how we are able to be effective and do our best for the Lord.
If you haven’t yet turned in your 2020 Stewardship cards, the deadline is this Sunday, Sept. 29.  Returning this information will allow us to plan better on every front.  Won’t you help make our goal of increasing participation in Stewardship 2020?
Please, return your cards to the box marked with the logo, or drop off at the office.  Thank you for being the church!
 Pastor Lisa and Stewardship/Finance committees
peanut butter                              jelly (grape, apple)
canned meat                               canned milk
cereal/oatmeal                            egg noodles
spaghetti sauce                          tomato sauce
canned fruit                                 canned peas
bag rice                                       dry beans
Thank you to all who have already helped restock our pantry! We have had 4 guests in the last few weeks!

A Reflection on Our Talents

As I’ve listened to Pastor Lisa’s sermons these past few weeks, I have been inclined to search my heart even more than usual, meaning more than her sermons usually cause me to search my heart.
It amazes me that there is something for everyone in every one of her sermons.  And for that, we give praise to God!  Today, her sermon took me back to one of Pastor John’s Disciple Bible Studies in which he asked each of us to share with the class what we felt our unique Gift or Talent is.  Now think about that.  Most of us, on the spur of the moment, would say we really don’t have any talent.  But truthfully, each person does have something special.
As we prayerfully search our hearts during this season of Stewardship, let us thank God for all we have and all Cokes Chapel is able to do with our monetary offerings, our special Gifts, and our Talents.  Remember the loaves of bread and the fish mentioned in John 6: 1-13? Whatever we have: earthly riches, a special gift of doing a certain thing, or being a certain way unique unto yourself, a special ability, like loving Math or English, or cooking, nurturing, entertaining, speaking, hugging, singing, teaching, praying…  the list goes on and on.  Whatever we have is from God, and whatever we give, God will multiply like the loaves and fish and use it to grow His Kingdom.  Whatever we give, we give knowing God will bless us abundantly if we give from the heart and out of love for Him.
Margie Jones

October 6th – 120/60? Check your blood pressure. Stop by the Sacristy/Worship Room off the Sanctuary between 10:10 to 10:50 am and let one of our caring nurses check your BP.  Cokes cares about you! Questions? Speak to Pastor Lisa, Elaine Lassetter, Karen Seyler, or Ann Navin.