G Chat February 18, 2021

A Special Invitation to grow in Faith and Action

Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson continues with the weekly Wesley Covenant prayer conversations on the North Georgia Conference Facebook page (www.facebook.com/ngaumcat 6:30 pm on Mondays or watch the videos here on this page or on Vimeo at www.vimeo.com/NGUMC.

Week 7: Ratified in Heaven

https://vimeo.com/512259361 Bishop Sue is joined by Rev. Dr. Yvette Massey and Rev. Blair Boyd Zant as they conclude this series of conversations on the Covenant Prayer. Hear about their joys, their calls to ministry, and their own “So Be It” moments. 

Conversation Partners
Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson, Rev. Dr. Yvette Massey, and Rev. Blair Boyd Zant.

Focus Lines of the Prayer
And the covenant which I have made on earth.
Let it be ratified in heaven. Amen.

So Be It: Our Call to Action
Tap into your calling and let the light of Christ shine through you. 

Breath Prayer
On Earth as It is in Heaven
So Be It




Virtual Worship

Service provided through G-Chat (register on website to receive this communication) or 
Visit our website cokeschapel.org


Sunday, February 21, 2021
     First Sunday in Lent
     Sermon:     “No Question About It: Baptism is Our Response”

    Scripture:     Mark 1:9-15

Why Virtual? Church Council met on December 9th, and reviewed the increase in Covid risk.  Council determined in-person worship will be Paused until Coweta’s risk is lower.  

As of Wednesday, February 17,  Coweta County has moved to the Orange* Risk level.  The good news that many surrounding counties are now also in the lower risk of Orange.  Praying for us to get to the Yellow zone!

*Visit globalepidemics.org and Coweta County Health department, countyindicatororeport.s3.amazonaws.com provides the details of the current risks. Please use the above links to get more information. 

                     A New Lent series:  Lent: No Question About It! 

Sundays, February 21- March 21 virtual worship at cokeschapel.org

Growing in faith is our life time task.  We face uncertainty every day, whether in our personal life, in our relationships with others, with decisions and circumstances that require our best, faithful responses.  Who do you turn to?  How can we do our level best to respond in ways that will please God and honor Jesus Christ?  
Let’s look to the Word these next forty days of Lent, where we can find direction, comfort, and spiritual teaching that will provide focus, clarity and joy in knowing we are walking in God’s will.  No Question about it – there are answers in God’s Word!  

*A few Lenten Journey bags are still available at the pavilion to support your intention to grow spiritually throughout Lent.

And more opportunities to grow….

Join our Online Lenten Study
that starts THIS SUNDAY!

“Forgiveness: A Lenten Study”

Sunday Mornings         9:30-10:30 AM
via ZOOM
February 21st  –  March 28th


Forgiving others and humbly asking for forgiveness are central disciplines for all Christian believers. Lent, a time to reflect on our Christian journey, is an appropriate time to deepen our understanding and practice of forgiveness. In six brief chapters, we will address such questions as the following:

  • Is forgiveness a Christian duty under all circumstances? Or are there situations when Christians do not need to forgive?
  • Is forgiveness a matter between individuals, or is it meaningful only in the context of communities?
  • Is forgiving the best route to healing for the injured?
  • How do we get past emotional barriers to real forgiveness?

With clarity, insight, and sensitivity, this book is the perfect resource for examining both our ability to forgive and our own need for forgiveness.
From “Forgiveness,” Back Cover
TO REGISTER:  Contact Kim Reindl at kim.reindl@gmail.com by Saturday, February 20th to receive the Zoom login information.
BOOK:  Forgiveness: A Lenten Study, by Marjorie Thompson; Please order the book independently from online book sellers.



Sunday, February 21   – Virtual Worship
                                     – 9:30 am Inter-generational Sunday School via Zoom
Monday, February 22  – 11:00 am  Zoom Staff Meeting
Wednesday, February 24 – 5:30 pm Prayer Team
                                           – 7:00 PM Church Council Zoom meeting
Sunday, February 28 – Virtual Worship
                                     – 9:30 am – Inter-generational Sunday                                                                                               – Youth “In-Person” Outside Event – TBD
Monday, March 7  – 11:00 am  Zoom Staff Meeting
Wednesday, March 10 – 5:30 pm Prayer Team

Sunday, March 14   – Daylight Saving Time Begins
Virtual Worship
                                  – 9:30 am Inter-generational Sunday School via Zoom
Wednesday, March 17 – 5:30 pm Prayer Team
                                      – 6:30 pm Childcare Board Meeting
                                      – 7:00 om Outreach Meeting

Sunday, March 21   – Virtual Worship
                                  – 9:30 am Inter-generational Sunday School via Zoom
Wednesday, March 24 – 5:30 pm Prayer Team

                                                   – 7:00 pm Church Council Zoom Meeting
Sunday, March 28   – Virtual Worship
                                  – 9:30 am Inter-generational Sunday School via Zoom
                                  – 12:00 pm Trustee Meeting  
Wednesday, March 31 – 5:30 pm Prayer Team

Video Camera needs friends….
Cokes Chapel recently was awarded a grant for a state-of-the-art Video Camera for worship and church ministry communications.  The camera is in hand – God just needs a few willing hands to operate it!  We need a few people who geek out (translation – really love!!) to work with video, sound and recording.  We are on a learning curve in using this gift to the best of its ability and ours!  
If you would like to become part of the team that provides a vital growing ministry to our church and communityplease reach out to Pastor Lisa right away. Text me at 770-598-5066 or email me at ldempsey@cokeschapel.org.



Copies of the March/April Upper Room are available for pick-up in the tub under the pavilion. 

Dear Church Family, 
In this time of sheltering in, your Worship Team is providing an interactive Lenten opportunity.  You are loved, missed and an important part of Cokes Chapel!  Your worship team planned, wrote, sorted and packed over 70 Lenten bags for church and childcare. 
There are a few Lenten Journey Bags still available for pickup at the pavilion by the church office that provide suggestions for the spiritual disciplines of prayer; scripture memorization; fasting; serving (don’t miss the Journey around the World!!); repentance and worship. ​ 
Finally, join Pastor Lisa weekly on Mondays for a Lenten video reflection.  Video will be made available through G-Chat and posted on the cokeschapel.org website.

We pray that you will take part in this season of preparation in ways that allows Easter to be more meaningful and joyous in every way!

Your Worship team,
Brenda Hanes, Vivian Snyder, Ann Navin, Arianna Smith, Carma McCallie and Pastor Lisa.   Special thank you to Velda for the design and printing of materials!

The Jubilee Singers
     In the summer of 1986, almost 35 years ago, a group of men and ladies from Cokes Chapel UMC began going to what was then called Beaulieu Nursing Home in Newnan every Wednesday morning to visit with the residents there.  Soon they began singing hymns with them out of the old Spiritual Life hymnal – and so began the Jubilee Singers.
     We have continued our visits all these years, using the same little book, and singing a lot of the old favorites.  During our weekly visits to what is now Newnan Hospital Nursing and Rehab Center, we recognize residents’ birthdays with cards and songs, and we often give out little gifts on special holidays.  The residents always enjoy the stories and jokes we share with them, and often they have stories to share with us. 
     Because of the pandemic, we have not been to the Nursing Home in almost a year.  We miss these visits so much, as do the residents.  To stay in touch during this hard time, we took cards at Christmas and on Valentines Day.  For Easter we have offered to help with the treats and gifts for their Easter Party.  If you would like to be a part of this project, please drop a small check designated for Jubilee Singers (or cash) in an envelope labeled “Jubilee Singers” in the mail slot at the office – or give to Betsy Bagley or Brenda Hanes. 


Growing Our Faith…

Financial Snapshot for February, 2021
Monthly projected operating funds needed: $21,783

Actual operating funds collected as of February 3rd: $13,727.30

Special Homeless Offering – Sunday, February 28th.
The North Georgia Housing and Homeless Council provides capital and operational grants to organizations throughout the North Georgia Conference who are serving our brothers and sisters in need.
By contributing to the Homeless Offering, you are directly supporting ministries and agencies serving those experiencing homelessness and poverty in communities across our state. These organizations might include housing programs, food pantries and other feeding programs, Habitat for Humanity houses, and many other programs in communities large and small.
100% of the Homeless Offering goes to ministries serving persons experiencing poverty. Please prayerfully consider supporting this important work.
Proverbs 19:17 NIV

Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done.

Thank you for supporting Cokes Chapel!  We are honored you would bless us with your generosity!   

Nancy Vermilyea, Finance Chair

Visit our website: cokeschapel.org to give regularly or make a one time gift.


In Inter-generational Ministry, a church-wide Lenten Study will begin this Sunday, February 21st The class will gather via Zoom on Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:30 am throughout the Lenten season from February 21 through March 28th.  Our focus during this Lenten journey will be on the topic of forgiveness.  Using Marjorie Thompson’s book, Forgiveness: A Lenten Study, we will explore how forgiving others and asking for forgiveness are central disciplines for all Christians.  If you are interested in joining the study, please contact Kim Reindl (kim.reindl@gmail.com) by Saturday, February 20th.
In Youth Ministry, we recently gathered via Zoom for a “Super Sunday” time of fellowship!  We engaged in some friendly online competition that involved a true/false quiz, viewing and voting on, in our opinion, the best Super Bowl commercial of all time (it was a tie between the E-Trade Talking Baby commercial of 2008, and the Larry Bird vs. Michael Jordan McDonald’s commercial of 1993), and an in-home scavenger hunt!  It was great just to be together (even if virtually) to share in some fun!  On February 28th the Youth are scheduled to gather in-person for a hike at Line Creek.
God is at work all around us!  May we hold each other by heart and lift each other by prayer as we journey together, and apart! 
With love,
(Kim Reindl, Director of Inter-generational, Youth & Children’s Discipleship; kim.reindl@gmail.com)

Scholarship Opportunity from our Insurance Company :


Dear Valued Customer,
CM CARES® Foundation is offering 25 scholarships of $2,500 each to religious scholars — and we’re asking for your assistance to spread the word!
The CM CARES Religious Scholars program supports full and part-time graduate and doctoral students who are committed to ministry as a career. Scholars of all faiths are encouraged to apply.

  • 25 scholarship winners will each receive $2,500 to help pay for tuition, fees, books or other costs of attending school full-time during the 2021-22 academic year. 
  • The application period runs February 9 through April 6, 2021, so students should apply as soon as possible. Winners will be announced in June.
   Scholarship applications must be submitted by April 6, 2021
On behalf of the entire Church Mutual® family, thank you. The CM CARES Religious Scholars program can make a real difference in the lives of deserving students, ensuring that your faith continues to flourish for future generations.
Sincerely,Richard V. Poirier      President and CEO. Church Mutual Insurance Company


Cokes Chapel Prayer Team is praying for you. Your requests, concerns, and praises are important to us. Please let us know if you need anything or have a special prayer request. I am available and happy to pray with you by telephone or just be a listening ear. Please join us in daily praying for God to heal our world. Claim it in the powerful name of Jesus Christ and give thanks to God for all things. Contact Debbie at DebbieCarter30263@charter.net or 678-233-4980.  

*please help us keep our prayer list updated by contacting Pastor Lisa or Debbie Carter to add or remove names.  Current usually remains on the prayer list for 2 weeks unless you advise us. Ongoing Prayer list is for long term prayer needs.

Dena Butler, Jackie Simpson, work associate’s wife
Mandy, CCCC pre-K teacher
Kaye Beam
Jane, sister of Tica Spake
Al Warren (settling in at Benton House)
David (nephew of Diane Johnson)
Stephanie (friend of Floyd Collins)
Margie Jones Family – daughters Betsy & Nancy, grandson Eric & son-in-law
The Prince Family (friends of the Cox Family)
Hugh & Jeanine Giles

Paul Snyder
Elaine Lassiter
Julie (friend of Pat Harkins)
JoAnn (Sandy Cavender’s sister)
Sally Jones (mother of Carol Ross)
Richard Harkins (brother of Roger Harkins)
Betsy, daughter of Margie Jones
Nancy Lenard
Jeff Kemmerer (Sherrie Kemmerer’s husband and Sandra Oliver’s son-in-law)
Stan Smith, Marcia Smith’s husband
Jerry Freeman
Roger Harkins
Mick Moore
Pastor Wayne Ellis, Robin & Family 
Jones Family, Howard & Margie, etal

Let us join in prayer together:  Lord, we continue to pray for one another and for our country.  We lift up the leaders of our nation to God, asking for divine guidance, wisdom and a deep desire for peace. Lord we trust in you alone for our every need.  Teach us in these coming days of Lent to look to you first, to listen to you and seek your presence in all things.
Remind us to seat our faith, hope and trust in You.  Yours is the power to heal, comfort and bring eternal assurance of all things.  May God surround, protect and reveal Your healing presence.  Amen

Show our Shut-ins some Love!  A note from you would brighten their day and make a difference.  You don’t even have to “know” them, just sign the card, “your Coke’s Chapel Family”.
Consider sending one card each week to rotate through the list, and let the Cokes Chapel love shine out!
Marie Allen 355 Millard Farmers Industrial Blvd. Apt. 212 Newnan, GA 30263
Jerry Freeman 28 Sweetwater Place, Sharpsburg, GA 30277-1882
Jerry & Del Lenox 45 Soliel Ct. Sharpsburg, GA 30277-2307
Mick Moore 4661 Highway 34E, Sharpsburg, GA 30277-3509
Joyce Taylor 152 Riva Ridge Ln   Newnan, GA 30263-6713
Al Warren c/o Benton House 25 Newnan Lakes Blvd.   Newnan, GA 30263
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