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WORSHIP together resumes this Sunday, June 28th!

Cokes Chapel Family,
The Cokes Chapel Health and Welfare Team has been working hard to reimagine how those of us who are able might safely engage in In-Person Worship in this age of pandemic.  Again, we realize that not everyone is ready and/or able to take this step and we strongly encourage those who are at high risk to remain safely at home and continue worshiping online.  Regardless of how we worship, gathered in-person or gathered while apart, we are ALL part of Christ’s Body, the church!
As stated previously, considering all factors and in our best efforts to “Do No Harm,” the Health and Welfare Team has discerned that our initial gatherings for worship at Cokes Chapel should take place OUTDOORS.  We believe that this is the safest way to gather as a larger group at this time.  Outdoor worship is the first phase of our gathering together.  Considering the needs and expectations for our in-person gatherings will be an evolving process that will unfold over time with continual evaluation.
For those who choose to gather for In-Person Worship, this is what will be asked of you as we seek to worship God together, while also seeking to love and protect one another:

  1. Remain six or more feet away from anyone attending the service who is not part of your party;
  2. Wear a mask anytime you are moving around the grounds.  Once seated, your mask may be removed if you prefer;
  3. Sanitize your hands frequently along with any common surfaces you come in contact with.
  4. Notify church authorities (Pastor Lisa Dempsey; ldempsey@cokeschapel.org) immediately should you or anyone in your party become ill with Covid symptoms, test positive for the virus or be exposed to anyone who has tested positive with in the last 14 days.

Here is the overall Worship Plan for Phase I:
WHEN:  Weekly, Starting on Sunday, June 28th
WHERE:  OUTDOORS in the BACK FIELD of the church (behind the Childcare Center) 
HOW:  Each person/family will DRIVE to the back field via the road to the Youth House.  For those of you familiar with “Trunk or Treat,” it will be just like that!  (If you are unfamiliar with “Trunk or Treat,” NO WORRIES!  There will be plenty of people on site to direct you!). Cars will be parked in a circle around the perimeter of the field, 12 feet apart.  Ushers will direct you to your parking space.  You are asked to bring lawn chairs to sit in behind your car. All people will sit, safely distanced, facing towards our worship leaders and altar table at the center of the field.
RAIN PLAN:  Please worship “At Home” through the online YouTube video recording, as you have been.  An email notification will be sent out by early Sunday morning if the outdoor service is cancelled.

  • Masks—one mask per person
  • Hand Sanitizer—one bottle per car
  • Communion Elements—bread or cracker, and juice or water (enough for your family)
  • SIGNED “Acknowledgement” Form (See below for download)
  • Chairs—enough for your family to sit in
  • Bible—if you like to follow along with the reading

OFFERING:  Continue with online giving OR you may drop offering into a “touch free” offering bin/basket provided.  There will be NO passing of the offering plate/basket.  This is a “touch free” service.
RESTROOMS:  The Childcare Center lobby restroom will be available, but you are encouraged, if possible, to refrain from restroom use unless there is an emergency.  If needed, a volunteer Restroom Attendant will sanitize the restrooms after each use.
RESERVED PARKING:  People with special concerns/considerations will be allowed to reserve parking spots closest to the Childcare Center in case there is a possible need for the restroom.  If you need a reserved parking space, please email Cliff Seyler at cliffcfc14@gmail.com or Paul Snyder at pmsnyde@bellsouth.net.
OVERFLOW and LATE COMERS:  The field area closest to the sidewalk from the Childcare Center (CCCC) parking lot will be marked off for overflow and late arrivals.  Socially distanced areas will be marked for seating of individuals and/or family units to bring chairs.  If you are late or if parking is full, please park in the CCCC parking lot closest to the CCCC entrance (on the side of the building).
This is our plan!  We’d like to invite you to enter into to this with an open mind and an open heart.  Think of it as a grand experiment!  Although it is not what we are used to, based on the information and directives available to us, we believe that it is the safest and best plan possible.  (Quite honestly, I think it could be something really special!)
We humbly offer this plan to you in the hopes that it is pleasing to God and the safest possible option for our faith community at Cokes Chapel. 
As we seek to figure this out together, may GRACE abound!  I look forward to seeing some of you this Sunday!
With love,
Kim Reindl
Phase I Health and Welfare Team Coordinator
Health and Welfare Team Members:  Kim Reindl—Phase I Coordinator, Karen Seyler—Trustees, Brenda Hanes—Worship,  Cliff Seyler—Hospitality, Brian Smith—Worship, Paul Snyder—Safety Committee, Carma McCallie—Safe Sanctuaries, Jennie Underwood—Medical Professional, (Also, Dr. Amanda Dempsey—Occasional Medical Advisor)


To speed the entrance process for worship, we are asking that you print, sign, and bring with you the “Acknowledgement” Form found below.  You will be asked to drop it in a bin provided by an usher when your vehicle enters the field via the Youth House Road.  In these unusual times, this form ensures greater protection for each other and for our church.  Thank you!
<<PROVIDE LINK TO FORM HERE: “Acknowledgement of Risk and Compliance”>>



WORSHIP INFORMATIONThis Sunday, June 28th 

 Scripture – Matthew 10:24-39.    Sermon – “It Ain’t Easy”

LIVE Worship! Join us as we gather for “Worship in the Round”*
*Plan to arrive early 8:30 to park After 8:45, you are asked to park in the CCCC parking lot and walk up the sidewalk to the field) so as not to disrupt worship.

AT HOME: We continue to offer worship on line for those unable to attend, or due to rain.

SPEED UP your entry for worship parking!  There will be a “FAST PASS LANE” for those who print and prepare the waiver for drop off.  Click on the following link to print: 


Some of the most intriguing stories in the Bible have to do with heat.  Fire and the presence of God make for lasting impressions in both the Old and New Testament.  Plan now to be with us for exploring how God gets our attention.  We may not be able to escape the heat of summer, but we can experience the fire that comes from being in God’s presence! 
It’s going to be HOT in Newnan on Sunday Mornings, and I don’t mean the weather!  Dynamic stories of God are waiting for us to discover! Our return to worship (outside!!), albeit different, will be awesomely special and will enhance this series in ways we would never have dreamed! Look for coming news on our return to worship on Sunday, June 28.  

Series: Sundays, July 5th through July 9th 




By this time each year we are usually hard at work planning for our annual Outreach Dinner/Auction Fundraiser in August for our missionaries.  However, due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic, we are going to put the event on hold until we can do it safely and comfortably.  

We have sufficient funds to support our missionaries for now.  However, we would like to give everyone the opportunity to help keep the missionaries account #2410 at the level we will need in the future.  If you would like to be a part of this, we ask that you make a Faith Promise.

A faith promise is a commitment to give above and beyond your regular tithe. It is made with the understanding that if a person’s financial picture can not sustain the commitment, the giving will not occur.  A faith promise is just that!  On faith, we promise to give to the Missionaries of Cokes Chapel. By faith, we will strive to keep that promise.  Faith promises are usually pledged monthly for a year at a time.  However, you may decide to handle it any way you wish.  
If you are giving by faith promise or just as able, be sure to mark your giving with Missions.  Designating your gift on the check on envelope assures that your gift goes where you plan. 

Just think:  If ten people give at least $10 a month, that would support one of the missionaries for a month. It’s amazing what can be done when we work together!  Please pray about this, and if you think this is something you can do, it would be helpful to let Betsy Bagley know what you would like to pledge to help the Houles, the Haddens, and Caleb Earle.  Thank you for all you do!!  Betsy and Earl Bagley, Outreach Chairs

SHARE THE NEWS!!   We are going to make our food pantry more available to people in our community.  Someone will be at the pavilion each Monday morning 9:30-11:00 to distribute prepared bags of food. Please spread the word to anyone you know who might need this service.

We need to maintain our canned goods, so please drop off donations of food in the bin under the pavilion.  Thank you for your support as we seek to help folks in our community!

The current pantry needs are:

spaghetti and spaghetti sauce           canned vegetables (other than green beans and corn)

peanut butter and jelly                        boxes of cereal

canned meats                                     crackers

baked beans                                       dry beans

egg noodles                                        rice

macaroni and cheese


Revised projected budgeted expenses for April, May and June – $18,571.14 

Total April funds deposited to General Funds – $19,082.30

Total May funds deposited to General Funds –  $20,747.30

As of June 24th funds deposited to General Funds – $23,016.29

Praising God for your faithfulness and the ministry that is ongoing in the name of Jesus Christ through Cokes Chapel.  Because He gave, we give with thankfulness, joy and delight as a reflection of our love and worship. 



Please remember to re-lock all doors that you unlock.  This is God’s home, please treat it as your own.  

Reminder:  Cokes Chapel Childcare is now using the Worship Center for classrooms to accommodate our social distance requirements.
Due to our Child Safety Policy, until further notice, Monday-Friday, no entry allowed through the worship center doors between 6:00 am and 6:30 pm.  No exceptions.  Should you need to access the Worship Center, please check in through the CCCC office to gain entry.  



Cokes Chapel Prayer Team is praying for all of you. Your requests, concerns, and praises are important to us. Please let us know if you need anything or have a special prayer request. I am available and happy to pray with you by telephone or just be a listening ear. Please join us in daily praying for God to heal our world. Claim it in the powerful name of Jesus Christ and give thanks to God for all things. Contact Debbie at DebbieCarter30263@charter.net or 678-233-4980.  


Betty, sister of Carole Smith
Dylan, grandson of Carole & Larry Smith
Mitchell Flynn, Sr., father of Mickey Flynn
Carolyn Huckaby
Betsy, daughter of Margie Jones
Nancy Lenard


Jim & Lara McCarthy and Jim’s mother Joyce
Stan Smith, Marcia Smith’s husband
Jerry Freeman
Roger Harkins
Cera Carter
Mick Moore
Jake Thomas, brother-in-law of Lorraine
Pastor Wayne Ellis & Family
Jones Family, Howard & Margie, etal
Glenn Etheridge (Pastor)

SYMPATHYSympathy to Wanda and Mick Moore on the passing of her brother, Rodger Bough.  He lived in Missouri.  The family will have a service at a later time in Monterey CA.

If you wish to send a card to the family their address is:

Mr. and Mrs. Mick Moore
4661 Highway 34 E 
Sharpsburg, GA 30277-3509


Prayers for one another and our country for comfort, peace, freedom from anxiety, depression and fear. May God surround us and protect us during this difficult time.

Show our Shut-ins some Love!  A note from you would brighten their day and make a difference.  You don’t even have to “know” them, just sign the card, “your Coke’s Chapel Family”.
Consider sending one card each week to rotate through the list, and let the Cokes Chapel love shine out!
Marie Allen 355 Millard Farmers Industrial Blvd. Apt. 212 Newnan, GA 30263
Jerry Freeman 28 Sweetwater Place, Sharpsburg, GA 30277-1882
Jerry & Del Lenox 45 Soliel Ct. Sharpsburg, GA 30277-2307
Mick Moore 4661 Highway 34E, Sharpsburg, GA 30277-3509
Merlene Smith 25 Newnan Lakes Blvd.c/o Benton House Newnan, GA. 30263
Claudette Schunk 519 Perkins Rd. Apt. 222 Palmetto, GA. 30268-2365
Joyce Taylor 152 Riva Ridge Ln   Newnan, GA 30263-6713
Al Warren 14 Hampshire Ln   Newnan, GA 30265-6058
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