Being kind seems to be in short supply these days.  I am just making a general statement, based on observation.  One could make some guesses about why.  What do you think?  The lack of kindness among society speaks to my pastor’s heart. Being kind opens up a place for us as followers of Jesus Christ to examine how we are holding up to Christ’s model.

Maybe we have surprised ourselves in being unkind.  We can say: it is because of circumstances, like the pandemic, or it’s because someone has parked in our favorite place, or we can’t eat out where we love due to the pandemic, or we can’t worship how, when or where we want.  Maybe we say: it’t their fault.  The famous “they did it”. It was the other person who acted, said, or did something that has caused us to be angry, and respond with unkindness to others.  

Whether circumstances or people initiate our internal feelings, it is ultimately our responsibility to address the discontent within, to work through it with the Lord, with trusted council and prayer.  Unkindness causes the person distributing it the most pain, for they end up distancing themselves from others by their actions or words.  The true weight rests with the one who has lost the passion and desire to be kind.                             

What is important about kindness and our faith?  We worship a generous and kind God, who loves beyond all understanding, remains faithful to us, regardless of our shortcomings, failures and struggling faith. Our God is so kind to us.  God does not use God’s authority to make us do anything.  God gives us choices and wisdom (if we seek it), overlooking our human mistakes.  Kind and generous to us without cause or reason, except that we are loved by our Creator.

Much has been said in media these days about who is right, who is wrong, who is not being fair, who is acting, saying doing things that are not in keeping with who we are as Americans.  There is a general movement for change.  

Seems like we could start to respond by changing just our minds, our hearts to be kind.  Kind in welcoming all into our community, kind when we meet strangers, kind when we meet with family.  Thinking before we act or speak.

Kindness is not in short supply, it is just not being practiced.  We have that element of soul care within us.  How could we not, as we know the kindest God in our life?

Kindness is planted in our life at our baptism.  That spiritual gift is always there and ready to be used. The Holy Spirit will awaken us to the opportunity to show kindness, no matter the circumstances.  It has to do with faith.  Faith that gives us new ways, fresh understandings, and a gracious remembrance of God’s kindness to us that inspires us to be kind to others.

After all, if we receive the benefit of God’s kindness, doesn’t the world?

I love you, am praying for you and look for God’s kindness to flow from us by the mercy and grace of God.

Pastor Lisa

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