G Chat May 14, 2020

Cokes Chapel Childcare is now using the Worship Center for rooms to accommodate our social distance requirements.
Due to our Child Safety Policy, until further notice, Monday-Friday, no entry allowed through the worship center doors between 6:00am and 6:30pm.  No exceptions.
Should you need to access to Worship Center, please check in through the CCCC office to gain entry.

We continue to abide by the guidelines we were given from our Bishop on returning to worship on June 28.  On return, we will follow the CDC and health professionals instructions for safe distancing, wearing masks and other actions that will provide the best environment for us to gather.  Look for more information to follow on this and other developments as we explore the potential for Drive-in Worship.

Please continue to pray and care for one another, our neighbors and community as you so often do.  If I can be of support, please let me know by email ldempsey@cokeschapel.org or phone 770-598-5066.

Love and peace,
Pastor Lisa



Continue to join us each week on Cokes Chapel Facebook for Sunday morning worship!  You will receive an invitation by email with a link to connect!

“Psalms   A Place to Find Our Voice” 
A Four Week Series begins this Sunday

Psalms is my go-to book of the Bible.  Within the poetry and worship the words help us express how we are feeling.  God desires for us to know ourselves so we can know God. Naming our feelings before God can be our best opportunity for righting our spirits and healing for our souls.  

Isn’t God good?  Join us in discovering God with us in all times!  Series will run on Sundays, May 17, 24, June 7 & 14.

This Sunday, May 17 kicks off the series
Scripture  Psalm 13 “Speaking Our Pain”


Allie and David Houle are our missionaries serving in Thailand.  In addition to their responsibilities with Blessing House, they have also been teaching English, making it possible to obtain work visas instead of the education visas.  However, the language school is closing, and their work visas with not be renewed.

Here is a an excerpt from their recent blog:

We are asking you to pray for us as we are exploring our options and applying for visas. Much of Thailand is still closed because of coronavirus, so going through this process right now will be challenging. We are thankful for all of your support, and because of your support, we have been able to help and feed the families of the children sponsored here as they struggle through unemployment. Please keep us in your prayers, and we will make sure to keep you up to date. Thank you.  

 A link to donate can be found at davidandallieinthailand.blogspot.com  Be sure to designate The Houles on the dropdown under Designated Giving.


Committee on Finance:

We would, once again, thank you for your kindness, faithfulness and generosity.  We experience blessings each and everyday of our lives.  God has continued to bless us with your tithes and offerings even in the middle of pandemic.  Please continue to pray for God’s church and His guidance through these trying and changing times.  If God is with us, who can be against us.  Amen

Financial Snapshot for May:

Revised projected monthly adjusted income needed   $18,571.14

Total May funds (so far) deposited to General Funds   $15,677.30


Cokes Chapel works hard to maintain our facilities as well as provide for our spiritual care.  Thank you for continuing to watch over our building and grounds as we shelter—in.  All to the glory of God!


This past week, our team of callers. started reaching out to our community. 

Our goal Is to keep in touch! We pray that you will find this contact meaningful.  As we contact you, we will also take a minute to update any contact information for our records.  As calls are completed, we will begin to ask you for a photo, as we prepare for printing an updated directory.  Questions? contact Kelly at (678) 378-0538 or erbom@netzero.net.


In Inter-generational Ministry, the Sunday School Class will continue “at home” learning this week by exploring the story in Acts 3 of Peter and John as they continue to extend the invitation for others to join this radical new community. (Acts 3:1–4:22). The lesson focuses on how the Holy Spirit empowers us to have confidence to proclaim and live out our faith.
If you would like to be included in the email list and receive the lesson each week, please contact Kim Reindl at kim.reindl@gmail.com.  Each lesson includes commentary to help enlighten your study, questions for thought and reflection, as well as an optional activity that can be done at home with children and/or youth. 
In Youth Ministry, we will hold another Zoom Youth Group meeting on Sunday, May 17th.  As has become our “new normal,” this will be a time of games, sharing, prayer, and learning.  We will continue an exploration of God’s greatest commandment (Mark 12:28-30).  This week we will focus on what it may mean to love God with our hearts (i.e., emotions). 
Finally, as the school year is drawing to a close, we are planning ways to recognize and celebrate our seniors.  We are encouraging YOU, the Cokes Chapel family, to reach out to our graduates through a congratulatory note or card.  Please see additional information, including names and addresses of our graduates, in this issue of the G-Chat.  
God is at work all around us!  May we hold each other by heart and lift each other by prayer as we journey together, yet apart! 
With love,
Director of Inter-generational, Youth & Children’s Discipleship

Graduate Recognition Cards/Notes:
During this time of social distancing, it’s not difficult to imagine how anticlimactic and disappointing this graduation season must be for many of our Graduating Seniors.  The anticipated rites of passage, such as senior class gatherings with peers, celebrations with family and friends, and even “walking” to receive that hard earned diploma at a graduation ceremony, are not possible this year.
Our Graduating Seniors need our love and support at this important time in their lives.  Our young people need to know that they are surrounded by a faith family that is here to lift them up, even when circumstances are difficult and unexpected. 
YOU, the Cokes Chapel family, are being invited to share a simple note or card of love and encouragement with our Graduating Seniors as an expression to them of what it means to be held by a faith community.  It does not matter whether or not you know these young people personally.  What matters is that they feel God’s love for them through this simple but meaningful gesture of love and kindness.
If you would like to send a card or note to our Graduates, their names and addresses are included below.
Thank you, faith family, for wrapping words of love and encouragement around these young people as they venture forth into a new stage of life!—Kim Reindl (kim.reindl@gmail.com)
Graduating Seniors (High School Graduates): 

Owen Collins

(Family: Joel Collins, Floyd & Donna Collins)
295 Westminister Village Blvd.
Sharpsburg, GA  30277
Hannah Ferrell
(Family: Mike Kimbell & Carma McCallie)
35 Briandwood Drive
Newnan, GA  30265
Raven Ferrell
(Family: Mike Kimbell & Carma McCallie)
35 Briandwood Drive
Newnan, GA  30265
Malcolm Stewart
(Family:  Sherralyn & Josh Stewart)
1481 Roberts Drive SE
Mableton, GA  30126

The CCC re-opened to children last week on 5/4/2020, but we have never really been closed! Staff had been working on professional improvement and keeping the CCC clean and ready to go. Week 2 has 50 children attending the CCC and some news to share!

The State of Georgia has given us a grant in the amount of $30,106. This amount was based on our enrollment prior to shutdown. The state has placed restrictions on how the money can be spent, but the CCC can easily accommodate those restrictions. Also, the Payroll Protection Grant, that the CCC received last month, is currently being used to cover payroll. 

We are following state guidelines for group assembly with only 10 persons in a classroom, so every square inch of the CCC is being used to maximize enrollment capacity! We have a class in the lunch room, and we are seeking approval from the state to use the Worship Center for an additional classroom. We expect to get this approved shortly and for the new classroom to begin next week. Appropriate signage will be posted to restrict entrance into the Worship Center. 

Starting June 1, with easing of state mandates, the CCC will be able to accommodate 20 people to a room. This will increase potential enrollment to 180. We expect that parents will start to return their children to the day care as jobs return and work shifts from home based back to office. Also, we expect new clients as one local daycare has shut its doors permanently. 

The CCC appreciates the continued support of the Cokes Chapel congregation! We are thankful for the return of our children and look forward to more each week!

Please pray for our bookkeeper, Marcia and her husband, Stan. Stan is in chemotherapy. 

Yours in service, 

From Marie Allen: “Thank you for your cards, calls to me during this time.  A Youth called me! Each contact means so much to me. I love and miss my Cokes family!”


Cokes Chapel Prayer Team is praying for all of you. Your requests, concerns, and praises are important to us. Please let us know if you need anything or have a special prayer request. I am available and happy to pray with you by telephone or just be a listening ear. Please join us in daily praying for God to heal our world. Claim it in the powerful name of Jesus Christ and give thanks to God for all things. Contact Debbie at DebbieCarter30263@charter.net or 678-233-4980.  


Nancy Lenard
Billy Plummer, nephew of Jimmy Parham
Ann Navin
Van Askew
John Harrison, brother of Jason Harrison
Mike Monts, brother of Jennifer Hickman
Carlene, sister-in-law of Sandy Cavender
Rachel, daughter of Lorraine & Paul Burt
Dana West, granddaughter of Larry Smith
The Paulus Family, in-laws of Ernie & Brenda Haines
Joann, sister of Sandy Cavender
Terri Cannon, friend of Jean Raines
Dorothy Croft, Mike Croft’s mother
Bob Brown, Pat Harkins brother
Jill, friend of Carol Ross


Jim & Lara McCarthy and Jim’s mother Joyce
Stan Smith, Marcia Smith’s husband
Jerry Freeman
Roger Harkins
Darius Allen, Marie Allen’s son
Cera Carter
Mick Moore
Jake Thomas, brother-in-law of Lorraine
Pastor Wayne Ellis & Family
Jones Family, Howard & Margie, etal
Glenn Etheridge (Pastor)


See Homebound below.

Prayers for one another and our country for comfort, peace, freedom from anxiety, depression and fear. May God surround us and protect us during this difficult time.

Show our Shut-ins some Love!  A note from you would brighten their day and make a difference.  You don’t even have to “know” them, just sign the card, “your Coke’s Chapel Family”.
Consider sending one card each week to rotate through the list, and let the Cokes Chapel love shine out!
Marie Allen 355 Millard Farmers Industrial Blvd. Apt. 212 Newnan, GA 30263
Jerry Freeman 28 Sweetwater Place, Sharpsburg, GA 30277-1882
Jerry & Del Lenox 45 Soliel Ct. Sharpsburg, GA 30277-2307
Mick Moore 4661 Highway 34E, Sharpsburg, GA 30277-3509
Merlene Smith 25 Newnan Lakes Blvd.c/o Benton House Newnan, GA. 30263
Claudette Schunk 519 Perkins Rd. Apt. 222 Palmetto, GA. 30268-2365
Joyce Taylor 152 Riva Ridge Ln   Newnan, GA 30263-6713
Al Warren 14 Hampshire Ln   Newnan, GA 30265-6058

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