The Present

The Present

Every day as I have begun to write to you, God has given me a word. Just one word that sparks my soul, giving me something to offer you.  I pray that what is written is born of the Holy Spirit, in the hope that you will find God’s whisper somewhere in the words.  I consider the word a present from God to me, one I delight in sharing with you.

God’s whisper can come to us in many ways.  Yesterday I mentioned music. I suspect that you have had moments where you clearly know that the Spirit has given you hope, peace, understanding, strength.  Those and other attributes that are often desired yet unattainable without God’s presence – or did I mean present?

Yesterday, following God’s word to me, I worked towards creating a better rhythm for my days. So yesterday I wrote, I learned from a webcast by the conference and I walked.  I desperately need to exercise more, so that was added to my structure.  It was a beautiful day to walk – the sun was up, skies were blue, birds were singing and even natural entertainment was provided by the sound and sight of 3 crows chasing off a hawk.  Each of those can be a “word” from God.  

These sights, sounds, “words” can be experienced as a present, a gift from God. A brief, heart lifting, soul filling moment of God with us.  God as creator, sustainer, healer, giver of life… the present is given with you in mind.  Just what you need. Take a moment to reflect on its meaning for you.   Embrace your gift, that is, “open the present”. God will bring you insight, comfort, peace… whatever is needed. Pause to let the fullness of the moment come into being.  Then. give thanks with a grateful heart to the One who knows your every need.  Just that moment of being in relationship with God on a personal level changes the day, our perspective, our assurance of God with us.

Look for the sights, the sounds, the whispers that God is continually offering to you.  Take time to see the present and open the gift.  God loves you, wants to bring good to you, and cares for your every need.

I love you, I am praying for you and pray the gift of the day from God will give you new hope.

Pastor Lisa


… and listen to the song that was found – just for you!  “Keep me in the Moment” by Jeremy Camp. Click on this link:

Refrain: Singing, oh Lord keep me in the moment

Help me live with my eyes wide open

‘Cause I don’t wanna miss what You have for me (What You have for me)

Singing, oh Lord show me what matters

Throw away what I’m chasing after, ’cause I don’t wanna miss what You have for me (What You have for me)

Keep me in the moment, oh keep me in the moment

‘Cause I don’t wanna miss what You have for me (What You have for me)

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