That first sip of coffee early in the morning. The sweet sound of a child, friend, partner in life calling your name.  Sitting outside as the sun rises, listening to the birds chirp, the dark sky lightening as stars disappear and the promise of the day is unfolding.

Simple. Its not the first thing we consider on a daily basis. That is until now.  Now even the smallest of gestures take on tremendous significance.  Things that we have done with ease and little thought have become complicated.  To go to the grocery and pick up a “few things” is now fraught with decisions. Should I? Should I wear gloves, mask, order and pick up, what about sanitizing purchases, and even mail before bringing into the house. To share a meal with friends or gather for worship.

We thought life was complicated and exhausting on a daily basis before.  Now everything holds significance. Now every move we make represents life and death choices. We are coming to grips that the whole world will define life by the words “before and after” the pandemic.  Like you, I am processing all of this, struggling to make meaning or even begin to grasp the enormity of the daily news.  Its pretty big. (Understatement is always a defense!)

Maybe that is why God sent the word Simple today.  There is no way we can un-complicate all that is swirling around us.  There are brilliant and foolish decisions being made every moment. If we can be honest, that has been going on before and after any circumstance.  Acknowledging that we are not in control of others is a form of creating a healthy soul.  It seems so simple.  

The Word is offered as a means to gain a foothold on our thoughts.  Not diminish the realities but approach them on spiritual terms.  Loosen the strings that connect our worries and fears to the truth that we are not in control.  But we can know who we can shelter with, who we can call on, who will listen, who will respond.  All with love, truth and good.  We worship God who is all in all these things!  God offers all that and more. 

I am a preacher.  If I were preaching this, by now I would have spoken these words with Excitement! Emphasis. Conviction.  You would hear them with a bit of surprise as my voice raised with each attribute.  Then I would stop.  In the silence of the moment, the Holy Spirit would take these words and make meaning for you.  Because today, we need to know one thing.  

We need to hear that God is a God of unchanging character.  God desires to give good to us.  From Genesis to Revelation, God reaches out, offers love, redemption and salvation to us thought Jesus Christ.  This generous love is far beyond all we might ever be able to grasp and at the same time as simple as saying “I believe”. 

I won”t say its simple, but then again it is.  Allow this day be uncomplicated by the simple fact that God loves you.  God is with us, with you, through the crazy and into the calm.  God will not leave or forsake this world or you. You are the apple of God’s eye. Take a step of faith and confess to God, I am in awe of Your love. I believe in You.  In those words are your redemption and salvation for all time.   It’s just that simple.

You are loved, you are important to me and to God.  Pastor Lisa

“Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Those who believe in me, even though they die, will live, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?” John 11: 25,26

Be blessed by the beauty of these words sung for you.

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