Passing the Plate ONLINE

Online Membership Management

Cokes Chapel maintains an online membership management account with a company called Realm.  As we have investigated the best financial practices during this time of “sheltering in” we have learned that you can give your tithe online with this program at no extra cost to us!  Currently, we absorb fees when giving is done through PayPal and independently from Vanco.

Below is a button that will take you to a simple way to change your tithe to give through Realm.  All you will need to do is to enter your routing number and account number off of your check. The online giving process is very secure.  You can navigate to their security page to learn more. 

Once you click the button below, you will see options for Giving Once or Giving Multiple Donations.  During this uncertain time, we are learning the importance of recurring givers.  By selecting the “Multiple Donations” button, you can choose to give from once a month to weekly.  We pray you will consider giving regularly so Cokes funds are not impacted if you are absent, traveling or as in this case, unable to be together for worship. 


I am willing to help you start giving through Realm, or do it for you.  There is a form I can send you to give me authority to schedule your payments online.  If you have given by check, I can do your entry for you. Most of you know that I currently enter your donations weekly. Download that form by clicking here.

Even though our facilities are shut down, staff and utilities are still active, expenses are ongoing.  We will be publishing giving in the G-Chat until we are able to worship together.  At that time giving information will return to the weekly Worship Bulletin. We are grateful to the many who have continued to give and hope this option will make it easier and safer to give regularly!  Even though we cannot be together in person your support of Cokes means so much to so many.   

You should already be set up to access the Realm program. If you are asked for a ‘new’ password, let me know and I can send you login information.  As new accounts are established they will be merged with all your existing records. This system even allows you to upload a photo and verify your address and family information. Hello, new Directory!! We plan to start communicating with all the congregation through this program! 

Adapting to the Realm program is a work in progress – so bear with us, pray for us as we accomplish this task. Click on the button and help by keeping Cokes offerings regular.  Thank you for your support!  If you need anything at all, please reply to this message and I’ll try to help!

Love and miss you all!
Velda 🙂


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