Keeping you in the loop

Good Afternoon Cokes Chapel congregation,

As Chairperson of the Committee on Finance


….to say I enjoy writing our check on Sunday morning.

….to tell you I enjoy dropping that check in the plate.


….to say that I would rather give online than see our church struggle in this time of uncertainty.  We need this church!

….to say I feel curiously free after signing up to have my giving addressed by Vanco.

….to say, try it, you might like it! If not, you can cancel or change your giving mode at any time.

….to say, in a week that we have not missed a step in our stewardship to the work of Christ at Cokes Chapel.

I hope you will pray and consider becoming part of the First Timers for Faithful Stewards of God’s money.

Listed below are several different ways to continue tithing:

….on-line giving is available by going to the church website at Select the “Giving” tab, and go to the bottom of the page: select either Donate through “Vanco” or “Paypal” (most people select Vanco).  Once you have selected Vanco or Paypal, enter your personal information.  You should know there is a small fee charged to the church.

If you need assistance, contact Velda Graydon by text at (678) 770-8135 or email at


…. consider adding Cokes Chapel to your bill pay list through your bank.


….drop your tithe by the church office on Monday-Wednesday between 10 AM – 2 PM or put your tithe in the mailbox to right of the office door. Brenda will be in the office during those times. I will be willing to meet you at the office if you need to drop your tithe off at another time.  My number is 770-304-6863.


….contact Bob Hatch at 770-696-8683.  He has agreed to be the “pony express” for those of you who do not want to get out or cannot get out.

Current Year-to-Date financial snapshot:

Monthly Projected Budget $22,408.00


January General Funds $18,909.00 + $1000 rental + $921.95 Childcare Tithe = $20,830.95 total


February General Funds $23,234.78 + $1000 rental + $778.47 Childcare Tithe = $25,013.25 total


March to date $19,425.00 general funds.


Thank you for your generosity.  Without you, we cannot be the hands and feet of God. God is with us and He will never leave us. AMEN


Vivian Snyder, Finance Chairperson


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