G Chat March 20, 2020

Dear folks,

Our G-chat is taking a different focus as we address the Pandemic.  New efforts to be in touch and care for you are in process. There will be more in here about proactive service and ministry than “events”, all of which have been canceled until further notice.

Your leadership of Cokes has stepped up to take more on to serve and keep us informed!

> I ask you to pray for our Cokes leadership, for our congregation, our Child Care Center on the front lines of ministry, for our community and world.  Pray for me and all pastors who are also seeking to pastor and serve in love.

> You can expect a weekly G-Chat by the end of the week.  I continue to write a daily meditation and post on my email page (friend me if you haven’t) and on the Cokes Chapel Facebook page (connect there too!)

> I plan to do a video Worship/meditation and prayer for Sunday.  It will be posted on my personal and Church page of Facebook.  If you need help getting on either of these, just go to Facebook, join, and “like” or Friend those two sites.

You are loved, prayed for and very special to me and God,

Pastor Lisa

P.S. I really mean this – Lord help me! – you will have a video recorded Message and prayer posted on email/Facebook page at 11:00 am on Sunday for our worship time together in spirit.


Launching new Phone Tree Care Team, Thursday, March 19!

Cokes Care Phone Tree Team is now formed as we “hunker down” for this time of social distancing to reach out to our congregation.  Each of you should get a phone call in the next few days from one of our team.  If you don’t, please reach out to Pastor Lisa 770-598-5066. We are still refining our Directory and will be making it available to you very soon!


The purpose of the Phone Tree call is to check in with each of you and let you know we care.  You will be asked if there you are self quarantined and do not have help, can we do anything for you – groceries, meds delivered, etc? Our goal is to continue this throughout this time when we are unable to meet for worship and small groups.  Callers will share more as they speak personally with you.


Thank you to our new Phone Tree Care Team: Keith Simpson, Lynda Hawkins, Larry Carter, Kelly Bomba, Bob Hatch, Jean Raines, Raven Ferrell, and Carma McCallie. Be expecting a call!

Your Prayer Team has a special prayer prepared for you that will come by separate email.  You are being prayed for!  If you have a prayer request, please reach out to Pastor Lisa by email ldempsey@cokeschapel.org or 770-598-5066 or Debbie Carter by debbiecarter30263@charter.net

or 678-233-4980.


Your Finance Chair, Vivian Snyder sent a church-wide email yesterday, Thursday, to keep you updated.  Please check out the “Ways to Give”.  An easy way to keep up is to mail your tithe/giving to Cokes Chapel UMC, 4096 Lower Fayetteville Rd, Sharpsburg, GA 30277, or drop your envelope in the small black mailbox to the right wall/outside the office door.

Remember that your giving to the ministry of Cokes is important to sustaining how we can serve.  We are praying for you, your needs and your concerns too.  We trust that your discipleship will continue in all areas of prayer, worship, giving, service, and witness. It may be taking new forms, but it still can happen!



The Food Pantry has been Busy on your Behalf!

This last week has been good as we have been having had provisions to give to those facing food scarcity and hard to see how this current Pandemic is affecting our community.


Due to this week’s demand, our pantry needs a strong influx of the following supplies:  

It would be very helpful if you could bring your cans already marked on the front of your cans (large enough to see!) with Sell Date


These items are in short supply, or out of stock*.

Any or all items will be greatly appreciated!

16 oz. Bag Spaghetti*

16 oz. Bag Egg Noodles*

26 oz. Spaghetti Sauce*

  1 box Crackers*

10 oz. Can of Soup

  5 oz. Can of Tuna* or other meat*

  1 box Cereal*

16 oz. Bag of rice regular size

16 oz. Bag of Dry Beans

  7  oz. Box Macaroni and  Cheese*

  1 small jar Peanut Butter

  1 jar Jelly

Cans of fruit

Cans of vegetables – except:

   no corn, green beans or                         

            sweet peas for now

Just Honk! For food drop off: The office has limited hours, Monday-Wednesday, 10-2 pm, which may be shortened, so call before coming. Betsy will be in the Fellowship Hall this Monday, March 23, from 10-11 am. For drop off. During this time, we will offer curbside pickup – just pull in the handicap space next to the walkway and honk the horn!

A special thanks to every member, and the UMW and Sherba Peek for keeping our pantry ready to serve. Thank you for your generosity!

Know someone who needs assistance? Contact Pastor Lisa at 770-598-5066.

From our Cokes Chapel Child Care Director (Sent to the CCCC Board, summarized for brevity)           

March 20, 2020

Good morning everyone,

Bringing you an update….

About other daycares: still open in this area. They have changed the hours and reduced the staff from what I have heard.


Our Daycare/Services: classrooms of 10 or less. Established separate playgrounds due to low numbers. Playgrounds are sprayed down in the evening. The playground was professionally cleaned/sanitized Wednesday.


Active Health practices: temperatures are monitored throughout the day. Teachers know symptoms and are able to focus on the children. Also, our parents are being very cautious about keeping sick children at home.


Current attendance: about 1/3 of our normal attendance. Several are critical workers and have no support system. Other parents are literally bringing their children so they can :

            1. Work from home without distraction

            2. Provide us income so that we can stay open to serve other families that so desperately need our services and

            3. Help be able to cover payroll for our teachers during this time.

I know this to be accurate because I have spoken to several parents this morning about it and our plan for this next week. Today have 20 families that are depending on our care, 15 families are here to help support our business and other families. For those 20 families, we have heard over and over and over about how thankful they are.

We are literally operating on a day-to-day schedule for our parents. They understand the potential to close if that develops. I send a daily email to the parents keeping them updated.

Kristin McCoy, Director of CCCC

Man in Red Drops By! 
Your Leaders in Action! A suggestion was made to put an envelope slot in our Office door to accept your gracious giving.  Thank you for your support and our attentive leadership.  Cokes is who we are in Christ because of You!

A special thanks to Tony Pennington, Don & Barbara Cobb’s long time construction resource. He can do almost anything. Tony showed up the day Don called and installed our shiny new door slot you see! Wouldn’t take a dime for doing it for us! Thank you, Tony! Need his help with home projects?  Contact him at (404) 427-3875.


Alvin Warren, as he moves to Benton House
Burt Taylor
Terri Cannon, friend of Jean Raines
Van Askew, uncle of Jim Askew
Jerry Freeman
Dorothy Croft, Mike Croft’s
Bob Brown, Pat Harkins
Peggy Blackmon, sister of
Paul Snyder
Jill, friend of Carol Ross

Stan Smith, M. Smith’s husband
Roger Harkins
Darius Allen, Marie Allen’s son
Cera Carter
Mick Moore
Jake Thomas, brother-in-law of Lorraine Burt
Pastor Wayne Ellis & Family
Jones family, Howard & Margie, etal
Glenn Etheridge (Pastor)

Marie Allen
Merlene Smith
Joyce Taylor
Claudette Schunk
Jerry & Del Lenox

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