As I woke up my first thought was “Ugh, my nose is so stopped up!”. I bet I am not the only one who is able to confirm that the pollen count is as high as it has been this spring.  I saw a chart on the weather that pinged Every. Single. Thing. I tested as being allergic to. How about that!  I made the charts and I am feeling pretty special!  All kidding aside, Flonase is my friend. 

I have mentioned that God usually gives me a word to reflect on each day.  At first, I was sure it was breathe.  I mean, we are all trying to breathe during this time of shelter in place.  Two months ago we would have thought that was a term that would only be used in times of war… which in fact this is. War?  Yes, we are having to come to terms that we are fighting a battle to gain knowledge, protection, and dealing with unknowns and knowns that take our breath away.  Literally.  We hold our breath as we watch the numbers of illness and death go up, and the financial market go down.  Take a breath.  Really.  

For just a moment, stop.  Be still.  Empty your mind, settle your spirit. In the stillness, breathe.  Deep enough that your chest rises and falls.  Center on filling your lungs to capacity, gently taking in air and releasing it.  Again. Breathe.

See, you can do it!  We can allow our mind to lead our body and therefore our spirit to be calm. To be centered from within, instead of driven out of surroundings and circumstances.  I suspect that Jesus had to breathe like that many times.  Disciples forgot, missed the message, sought their own agenda… surely there were moments when he wondered, got frustrated, was questioning how God would redeem this plan that was in the works for humanity.  Remember too, Jesus was both human and divine.  He kept on doing what he was here to do: reveal God’s eternal plan, bring hope, healing and peace.  Jesus constantly centered life in the midst of the social, political and people who “thought they knew but didn’t” circumstances gave us a deeper understanding of how to be centered, peaceful, calm, hopeful.  A profound way to breathe through any physical, emotional time.  

Spiritually centered living returns us to the way of life that brings all we need.  A friend said yesterday, “it seems to me that people are looking to God, looking for God in this time.  There is more talk about God than I have heard in a long time”.

Perhaps because our spirit longs for companionship with the only One who can help us keep perspective.  We are not just physical beings, but spiritual beings.  Live into the spiritual center of life and take one breath, then another.  Allow God to inhabit your every cell, every part of you to bring just what you need.

God’s breath brought life to humanity in our creation.  Jesus last breath of life on the cross assured us of life eternal by faith alone. Jesus breathed the the Holy Spirit into believers that continues to transform our soul and bring new life.  That breath you just took was a moment of inhaling the power of God to give you all you need, until the next breath.  So breathe.

And now I am sure, God gave us the word breathe today.  It’s vital to life and even more vital to our soul.  

Let’s pray together – God, we awaken with You today.  We praise you for the life and breath that you give us.  Help us to be centered on Your ways of peace and calm.  May we allow faith to lead and Your Holy Spirit to coach us into a holy walk this day.  Thank you Lord for your mercy and love.  Amen.

I love you, I am praying for you, and God is in your very breath.  Peace,  Pastor Lisa   Breathe on Me Breath of God

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