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Important Calendar Notes!
Outreach will be taking lunch to our Luthersville Seniors on Thursday, Sept. 19th.  We need a few items to fill out our menu, if you can provide a dessert or drinks, please sign up in the narthex or contact Betsy at or 770-301-2577. If you would like to join us, be at the church at 9:30 to ride the bus. All are welcome!

UMW (United Methodist Women) will meet Monday Morning, September 15th at 10:30 am in the Fellowship Hall. All ladies are invited!

UMW will host a Wednesday Night Covered Dish on September 18th at 6 pm in the Fellowship Hall.  All are welcome!

Sept. 29th 
 Meet in the Middle, 5th Sunday
        9:00am    Sunday School TBD by each class
      10:30am    Sanctuary One worship service with Old Time Gospel singing followed by
      11:45am    Cover dish lunch & surprise dessert in the Worship Center.  Having Good times &  Making Good memories!
Have You Picked Yours Up? Your Stewardship Service and Giving envelope for 2020 is available today. Please take these home; pray and then return your cards by Sunday, Sept. 29. A box is in each worship center or drop off at the Church Office. Your participation allows us to plan and have a better understanding of our finances for 2020.
God depends on your hands, heart and giving to do the ministry of Cokes Chapel.  We have done so much with God’s help and your support!  I can only imagine what we can do in 2020. We are thankful for you! 
Pastor Lisa, Stewardship and Finance Committee

From Jennie Underwood for the Todd family:
Thank you so much for your prayers and the cards you sent my family.  We are also grateful to those who provided food and served the family after the funeral.  It allowed us time to visit with family we hadn’t seen in a while.  I so appreciate your generosity and love.  Mama (Lib Todd) loved Cokes Chapel and you showed your love very well.


Riddle me this…
What flies without wings, and can be measured but never seen?
We all have the same amount of hours in a day, a week, a year- but how we choose to use our time varies.  Some of us are constantly on the go while others are bored and looking for new challenges. Some of us complain about not having enough time while others lament they have too much time on their hands.  But one universal truth is that the time we are given is a gift from God and He has given each of us the ability to determine how we spend it.
“Time management” is a buzz phrase we hear often.  How we manage our time not only determines how successful we become but it can define our morals, values, and who we are.  Some of our time has to be spent doing the necessary parts of life:  tending to our homes and jobs.  Some of our time is spent taking care of our families and enjoying friends and loved ones.  And hopefully, every now and then we manage to carve out a little time for ourselves, to reflect and recharge.  But what about time devoted to doing God’s work?  There are so many ways we can give time back to God, like volunteering for church programs, helping with community groups and projects, or spending time with those who are sick or lonely.
God has given us this time- how will you choose to use it?        * Carma McCallie, J.D.
Prayer Labyrinth coming soon!
Friday, Sept. 27 night, 6-7:30 Open Walk
Saturday, Sept. 28,
8:30 gather for coffee,           light pickups in the Worship Center  
9:00, Dr. John Rhodes*
*About Our Guest Speaker… John began his involvement with Labyrinths in 1998. By 2001, John was trained and certified as a facilitator by The Rev. Dr. Lauren Artress at Grace Episcopal Cathedral and studied under Robert Ferre, one of the world’s foremost labyrinth builders.
For all John’s accomplishments, my greatest delight is his gracious and genuine manner of kindness and openness as he teaches.  John has always held my attention in any setting, especially as he shares his knowledge on labyrinths.
Get your tickets today Brian Smith, Lynda Hawkins, for Dr. Rhodes Saturday presentation.  Donation is $ 5.00 

UMCOR on the ground! UMCOR agency will partner with Methodists in the Bahamas to meet basic needs for survivors and those who are suffering following Hurricane Dorian. The Grand Bahama & Abaco Islands were decimated.
If you would like to contribute to this fund, please make checks payable to Cokes Chapel UMC (or place cash) in an envelope located on the back of the pews.  On the bottom of your check or the front of the envelope, please designate  Bahama Relief Fund #4390.  Thank you for giving to help those suffering.


Can Walking Help My Prayer Life?

Walking is something most of us do without thinking… which can get us into trouble sometimes!  We need to pay attention to where we are stepping!

A Prayer labyrinth provides some “givens” that allow us to walk with confidence, without concern of getting lost or stumbling.  We know there is limited space, places to stop and rest, reflect, and that we will return to where we began.  No fear!

Being released from base distractions frees our mind from bodily concerns, allowing our mind to engage spiritually.  Our physical being is set aside, so that our mind may more easily remain with words of scripture, a prayer or word, even an ongoing conversation with God. 

Mindful focus as we walk allows our body to engage in a way that nullifies distractions for me…  my mind is given fully to the presence of God at the moment in whatever way God chooses as I listen, wait, speak or pray.  Sometimes the background worship music is part of the release from daily distractions, as soft music closes out the normal sounds. 

However, it happens with you, walking the path provides a rhythm that opens a “Safe Haven” to my soul.  I can count on the settling and focus that comes as I join body, mind, and spirit in an effort to come close to God, listen, worship, and receive.

When I depart, there is a difference.  Sometimes it is a peace, sometimes it is an assurance of being with the Beloved, sometimes it is a Word, a new perspective, but every time, I depart with the knowledge that I have intentionally made space for God.  I know that God honors the effort we make.

Walking a prayer labyrinth can make a difference in our prayer life, in our spiritual life and in the life of discipleship.  Won’t you take a walk with God?

Pastor Lisa

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