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Cokes Chapel Office and the Childcare Center will be closed on Monday, Sept. 2ndfor the Labor Day Holiday.
THIS SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 1ST Check your blood pressure.   Stop by the Accolyte Room off the Sanctuary between 10:10 – 10:50am and let one of our attentive nurses check your BP.  Cokes cares about you!
Mark your Calendar now!
Prayer Labyrinth weekend coming Cokes Chapel
Another part of the Vision to grow disciples!  Sept. 27 & 28 (Friday & Saturday).  There will be a time for walking, praying & learning from guest speaker, Dr. John Rhodes, past President of the Labyrinth Society. 
Contact Pastor Lisa (770) 598-5066 with any questions.
Other Important Calendar Notes!

September 29th  Meet in the Middle, 5th Sunday
One worship service at 10:30 am in the Sanctuary with Old Time Gospel singing followed by a cover dish lunch and surprise dessert!  Sunday School 9:00am TBD by each class; Good times!  Good memories!
Sept. 15th Cokes Chapel UMC  will solicit donations for  ‘2019 Amazing Grace Offering’ Wellroot Family Service formerly known as The United Methodist Children’s Home.  

What is this? SNEEK PEEK!
Your Stewardship and Finance committee is planning ahead for Cokes Chapel’s year 2020. Please pray as we all gather our spirits, resources and dreams to prepare for what God will have us use for ministry in 2020. 
You make a difference!

A Prayer Labyrinth for Cokes is Coming!  Cokes Chapel is beginning a new opportunity for developing a prayer life that we want you to know about! This interest came from the many discussions in our recent Vision process.  By God’s design, the visual interest was companioned with the interest of one of our youth, Jackson Smith.  Jackson will be pursuing the construction of our prayer labyrinth as an Eagle Scout project.



What is a Prayer Labyrinth and What is it Not?  A prayer labyrinth is a path which leads, by a circuitous route, to the center of a design and back out again. A labyrinth’s route has only a single path. Unlike a maze, a labyrinth is designed for ease of navigation, and it is impossible to get lost within one. A labyrinth is not a maze!
A prayer labyrinth facilitates prayer, meditation, and opportunities for spiritual growth. Labyrinths have a long history in many cultures spanning at least 3,500 years.  These were used by different cultures for worship, dance and even in Scandinavia as traps for trolls to keep fishermen safe.
Our Prayer Labyrinth follows the tradition that arose out of the Middle Ages as Christians sought ways to connect with God. Prayer Labyrinths have been used in Catholic Churches for centuries. They can be set as indoor or outdoor walks.  Our contemporary Christian use has seen a resurgence of labyrinths as we are finding that its history has offered a meaningful way to pray.
Cokes Chapel will be offering this prayer labyrinth for both the members and the community as a way to have individual space to pray, to find sacred meaning in the walking in a pattern which releases the mind to meditate and reflect. Our prayer labyrinth will be a unique and meaningful addition to our offerings in order to grow in faith and life.  Look for more to come each week in your announcements!

Sunday School Classes: Cokes Chapel leadership is committed to growing disciples for Jesus Christ. Seek out a class, and new offerings to come! 
10:10am:                    Location
Eubanks Class            Front room of
Fellowship Class         Fellowship Hall
                                    across street
Intergenerational         After-School Rm
                                    Worship Ctr

You are invited to join our Prayer Warriors in prayer, every Wednesday at 5:30pm in the Fellowship Hall or Eubanks Room.  Questions?  Contact Debbie Carter at or Lorraine Burt at

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