May 31, 2019 G Chat

Outreach Committee Meeting
Cokes Chapel is a caring church with numerous opportunities to serve in the community.  If you would like to get involved in the planning and working on ongoing and future projects, please join us at our next meeting – Wed., June 5th, 7:00pm in the Fellowship Hall. We’d love to have you!
If you have any questions, please contact Betsy Bagley at
Got a Grace Moment? Following Easter, we will have a sermon series on Grace. Sharing Grace moments opens up our own awareness and encourages others to see God’s grace in their lives. 
If you have a Moment of Grace you would share (such as) when you felt God’s forgiveness, or perhaps you have felt or experienced emotional, spiritual or physical healing that represents God’s grace to you, speak with Pastor Lisa or email at and participate in this time of witnessing for God to our community!

Church Wide Meet in the Middle

Sunday, June 30th we will gather at 10:00 for  unified worship in the sanctuary, followed at 11:30 with a “Keep’n it Kool” covered dishes Salad lunch in the worship center.  Bring your best….Chicken salad, Tuna Salad, layered salad, Mama’s favorite salad.  Plan now to bring a friend, enjoy some great worship and let’s enjoy the blessings of being a community that has fun together!   Check with your Sunday School Class to determine if they will meet at 9:00 before worship at 10:00 on this day.

Cokes Chapel continues to grow and respond to the best ways to serve you!  Recently Finance recognized the need to have an accountant review and manage our bookkeeping and financial records.  Finance requested Staff Parish Committee (SPR) to research, create a job description and search for the right person to fill this job.  
Church Council received the proposal from SPR to hire a Treasurer and make changes in Office Administrator job for approval on Wednesday, May 29.  
On June 3 we will welcome the following:
1) Marcia Smith, accountant, will be our Treasurer, managing Quick books, paying bills and other impacting financial business.  Marcia’s experience includes currently working with our Child Care Center, with a good overview of our system which will make our transition easier.
2) Gail Stone will continue to be our Office Administrator, handling the bulletins, communications and inquiries that come to Cokes Chapel.  Gail appreciates the change and has willingly agreed to shorten her hours so that we can accommodate hiring Marcia.
3) The impact for church and community:  Beginning Monday, June 3, office hours will be Monday thru Wed., 10-2 pm This may impact your accessibility and inquiries, so we ask that you make the needed adjustments to your expectations for answers, reservations, etc.
By lessening office hours/pay for Office Admin., we are  able to hire Marcia without an increase to our bottom line on the budget.  
We appreciate the hard work that both Finance and SPR did to assist us in bringing our administrative practices in line with the needs of the church.  Your understanding, as we make adjustments will be greatly appreciated!  Blessings and all good things are from God!
Pastor Lisa


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