Ministry Moment from Bobby Kirk

This week the Youth studied Colossians 1:15-20 and we discussed that Jesus is Lord of all.

– Not just at church but in your everyday life and not just on Sunday but the rest of the week as well.  

If someone says “Lord”, they are in charge.  Ever hear someone say “You are not the boss of me!” (Or ever say it yourself?).  If you call Jesus Lord, you are saying “You are the boss of me.”  

If He’s the boss of you, you’d probably want to do what He says.  If He’s truly in charge, He needs to be “over all creation” in your life.  That affects your time, money, priorities, friendships, family, school, movies you watch, music you listen to, the jokes you tell, etc. 

You may call Him “Lord”. But is He really that to you? 

He’s our Creator, our Sustainer, and our Redeemer!

Bobby Kirk

Youth Director

Cokes Chapel UMC

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