Ministry Moment from Kim Reindl

On Sunday, April 23, Cokes Chapel celebrated Confirmation Sunday! On that very special day, four of our young people were baptized and six confirmed their faith as followers of Jesus Christ (one additional youth will be confirmed on May 21)! Since this was the culmination of our “Foundations of Faith” Family Confirmation Class, four parents and one previously confirmed youth chose to reaffirm their faith, reflecting our Methodist understanding that growth in faith is a lifelong journey.

God brought forth tremendous fruit from this time of intentional learning and community. It was truly a time of joy, as we grew in relationship with God and one another! Please hear what some of the class participants had to say about our time together:

“The part I enjoyed in this class the most of all was being able to learn about God more and growing more in my faith in God.”—Mallory Booth, Confirmed, 5th Grader

“I learned that God was so much bigger than I ever imagined—I feel so much closer to Him now than I ever have!”—Ella McCallie, Confirmed, 6th Grader

“The Intergenerational aspect was wonderful—going through this class and all of its related experiences alongside my daughter was a faith journey we will never forget and we were able to learn and grow together!”—Carma McCallie, Parent

“What I learned from the class was when Jesus got baptized and everyone else started to get baptized. My favorite thing was when we were talking about baptism and when I got baptized last Sunday!”—Jerrell Moore-Forts, Baptized, 6th Grader

“I learned that Jesus is our shield from harm…My favorite part was when we went to The Varsity!” —D’Shawn Moore-Forts, Baptized, 5th Grader

“We did a lot of fun things, like visit and worship at different churches.”—Jackson Smith, To Be Confirmed on May 21, 8th Grader

“I enjoyed the field trip to the Episcopal Church and sharing the experience with Jackson. The labyrinth and Taize service were very interesting, and seeing how others worship was spiritually enlightening.”—Brian Smith, Parent

“I really enjoyed going through the class with other families. I think it added a lot to our discussions to have perspectives of adults and children.”—Arianna Smith, Parent

“I enjoyed the retreat the most. It reminded me that God is always with me.”—Matthew Kirk, Confirmed, 7th Grader

“I enjoyed the small groups best. It was a good experience.”—Emily Kirk, Confirmed, 5th Grader
“It was interesting and fun learning during the class. It was fulfilling…Getting baptized is what I enjoyed the most because I feel like a new person and open to God.”—Alexandra Simpson, Baptized, 6th Grader

“My heart is so warm knowing that this was a life changing event for Alexandra spiritually. What more could a parent ask for!”—Jackie Simpson, Parent

“It really was a wonderful experience to go through with Alexandra. It made an impact on all of us!”—Keith Simpson, Parent

Thank you to the people of Cokes Chapel for providing the willingness and resources to make such ministry possible! To God be the glory!!!

Grace and Peace,

Kim Reindl
Director of Inter-generational Discipleship Ministry
Cokes Chapel UMC


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