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Not long after arriving at Cokes Chapel, someone asked me if I knew what these stacked stones were, that are located on the front lawn of the church.  I had to admit, I hadn’t noticed them.  I am not sure that speaks well of me – it’s pretty obvious once I slowed down and looked where I was directed.

You need to know that Cokes Chapel was founded in 1833, and the current Chapel was constructed in 1855.  That’s a long time past!  Even though I knew how long this community has worshiped on this hill in Sharpsburg, the stones made no sense to me.  My guide then told me that these stones were placed here for carriages and horses to pull along side and for worshippers to disembark.  Who knew!

I have reflected on how many feet went up and down these stones, how many children played on them while folks talked after service, and how today these stones are a beautiful reminder of a way that people came to worship. 

Stepping stones that allowed folks to come into the presence of the Lord.  People came away from demanding farm life, preparing meals ahead of time so there was food ready to eat when they returned home, children and all able hands got up early to finish chores and feed animals so they could come to thank God, pray to God and listen to God.  They came with concerns, fears, hopes, and anticipation, ready to be together for their spiritual sustenance.

After worship, after greeting, laughing, sharing the news of the day and community, they stepped back on these same stones to continue life.

Holy Ground.  Holy Stones.  Not icons or idols, but real, beautiful reminders of life in Christ, whether in the here and now, or well over 100 years ago.  This season of preparation, we are called to slow down, look at the stepping stones we have been using.  Are we looking where Christ is directing us?  Are we coming with anticipation, thankfulness and open to the Holy Spirit forming us anew?   Are we growing closer in heart and life to our Savior?

Sometimes the “old ways” can be powerful, silent, soul shaking reminders of the true reason we are still coming together to worship as a community.  May these stones remind us of the growth that is always before us.  May these stones remind us of the stone that was rolled away from the tomb.  Step into the holy life that awaits us.

See you Sunday,   Pastor Lisa

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  1. Keith says:

    Awesome message Lisa. We all need to stop, look around and take the time to properly give thanks and reflect on all we have to be thankful for.

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