Cryptures February 2017



February 2017

I constantly find stones protruding up through the turf, many of which I have exposed buy digging around them.  Some are grave markers and some outline family plots.  As you already know I unearthed the foundation stones of the rear wall of the old log cabin.  I’ve also located several of the foundation stones throughout the cemetery that were used as grave markers after the log cabin was torn down.

Last year I began a small project in our cemetery which has turned into a mystery.  As I cut away the turf and exposed more mortar encrusted stones I realized I had found a circle.  It is in the northwest quadrant of the cemetery directly behind Katie Clifton Lee’s grave.  I probed the soil within the circle and didn’t locate anything.  The soil was hard so I was unable to probe very deeply.  Now since we’ve had quite a bit of rain I was able to probe more deeply.  I located what felt like stone about a foot and a half deep.

With all the dirt removed you can see below what I found.  There were no artifacts other than a piece of broken glass. This is somewhat of a cauldron shape and appears to be mortar over stone.  It is not smooth by any means.

I hope that one of our congregation who has been a lifelong member can identify what this may have been.  There was mention of a spring on the original deed.  Could this be the cap for the spring or a well.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.