Ministry Moment from Bobby Kirk


Lego the Worry

In youth, we have been discussing “worry & change” and how those two seem to go hand in hand in this world.  As a youth, they may not have a say in where their family moves, or what middle school, or high school they will attend; or even who their teachers will be when they move up a grade year after year. Sometimes it may be a bully at school they have to deal with.  Matthew 6:25-31 addresses the concerns of not worrying and for us to remember that God has got our back! He has told us to not even worry about the basics for survival – food, drink, & clothing. 

Our youth are walking through a lot of change in their lives right now with themselves and with their surroundings. I encourage you to remind the youth of Cokes Chapel how much they are loved and how awesome they are. 

May you be reminded how much God loves you and to not worry – God’s got your back.


Bobby Kirk

Youth Director | Cokes Chapel

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