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Doctor Robert W. North was born 11/10/1821 from Oglethorpe County in 1824.  His father was Anthony North and his wife Mary Polly Hubbard.  One account states that Mary Polly came on horseback with a baby.  Since Robert was born in 1821 he was really a toddler and probably it was still no easy task to ride a horse with him with her.

Anthony was on the first grand jury in Coweta County in 1827 which was held in the, now lost, town of Bullsboro.  He helped to layout the town of Newnan in 1829, was elected to the state legislature in 1828, was a Judge of the Inferior Court in 1861 and had served under General Andrew Jackson as a member of the Harris Regiment Georgia Militia in 1812.  Anthony was the brother of William Buchanan “Bucky” North who is in our cemetery.
There is very little information about Robert W. North available.  Nothing is known of his education but he did become a doctor by the time of the Civil War.  He enlisted on May 31
st, 1861 as an Assistant Surgeon and commissioned into the Field & Staff of the Georgia 7th 
Volunteer Infantry.  He may have been wounded or became ill since one account shows that he resigned in December of 1861.

He married Calista Glass in 1849 and they had three children.  One son died in infancy, Alton Glass North and Edgar Means North were the sons who survived.

Robert’s brother Abraham Columbus North was also a doctor.  He enlisted as a 1
st Sergeant in May of 1861 and appointed Assistant Surgeon in January 1863.  One account states he was AWOL in February 1865 but I believe this to be false.  He was active in the 2nd 
battle of Manassas and put in charge of the CSA hospital in Warrenton, Virginia which was housed in a Baptist church.  He was captured and then paroled after which he had an opportunity to meet and speak with General Robert E. Lee. 

 Doctor Abraham C North

Alton became a noted physician and practiced in McDonough and later became clerk of the State Sanitarium in Milledgeville but later returned to Hampton in Henry County to practice medicine.  He came to a tragic end after returning home from church (he was a deacon in the church) on a dark stormy night he was cross the train tracks just as the Central of Georgia fast mail train came through running about 50 miles per hour.  Alton was thrown about 35 or 40 and almost every bone in his body was broken.  He body was taken to the old family home in Sharpsburg and then laid to rest in the Cokes Chapel cemetery.

Robert’s siblings were Benjamin W. 1825-1861 who perished in the Civil War; Mary 1828-1914 married James Bridges who died in the Civil War.  Mary was buried beside her parents in the Sharpsburg Baptist cemetery while James was buried at Cokes Chapel; Henry Anthony 1832-1909 became a Captain in the Civil War; James Marcus 1835-1912; and Abraham C North (see above).

Robert married Henrietta Bailey in 1891.  Her mother was Rebecca Jane Atkinson and daughter of John Pepper Atkinson.  One of Henrietta’s sisters was Sarah Bailey who’s grave is the oldest known (1839) in the Cokes Chapel cemetery and actually, predates the establishment of Cokes Chapel at its present site.  Another sister, Mary Yates Bailey married Robert’s brother Abraham Columbus North.

Robert died in June, 1893 and was buried beside Calista and his children.  By December 1893 his wife Henrietta died in another tragic train accident in Sharpsburg.  She is buried at Cokes Chapel but close to the front of the cemetery.
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