Note from Kim Reindl February 8, 2017



There’s a popular song that says, “It’s always better when we’re together.” That’s true, don’t you think? Life’s just better…together.

Last November and December, during the season of Advent, we set out on a journey together. Instead of experiencing the season individually, we as a church were presented with very intentional opportunities to join together in reading Scripture, imagining the Christmas story (often in a new way!), discussing our insights, and worshiping as a church family. Every one of us—children, youth, and adults—whether through adult classes, Children’s Church, Youth Group, and/or worship, we’re studying and talking about the same stories of our faith. At the end of Advent, in typical God-like style, we finished with a celebration!

Some of the comments that I heard were… “I had never thought about how brave Mary had to be or how difficult it must have been for Joseph. The group helped me see these familiar stories in a new way.” “I really enjoyed getting to know people from both worship services. I met people I hadn’t met before. There are some great folks here at Cokes Chapel!” “It was so good to read and study the same things as my child. We were given an opportunity to talk about these Bible stories as a family.” “I loved the Celebration Breakfast! I loved hearing from everyone (all ages) about what God was teaching them through the classes or Lisa’s sermons. I hope we do more things like this!”

Yes…It’s always better when we’re together!

Kim Reindl
Director of Inter-generational Discipleship Ministry

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