A note from Pastor Lisa February 1, 2017


A Sign of Hope

On a cool, windy morning last week, I hurried into the office.  In the last few weeks, small beginnings of daffodils someone planted, who knows how many years ago, began peeking out of the ground.  By early afternoon that same day, a first bud had presented its full beauty. 

I paused to enjoy the sight, reveling in the wonder that within a short time, this bright statement of promise could go from a sheltered bud to a shining statement of seasons yet to come. A hint of spring!  Hope!

It just so happened this was a day I needed to be reminded that God is always at work, generating hope, promise,
and change.  Sometimes that change is done in my heart, sometimes that promise is all I need to remember, and yes, sometimes I need to trust that while I might not see it, God is at work preparing, creating and ultimately revealing the good plan for all God’s creation.
Do you ever need to be reminded of hope?  Are there days when you long to see God’s affirmation?  Look outward, listen
 the song of God’s great love in the stories of one another, in the very movement of seasons, in worship, prayer, serving, and giving.  Look inward and listen to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Honor the growth and new life that is at work in you through Jesus Christ. God has a part of each of these holy works. 

Yes, you are a holy work in progress. 

Join me this Sunday in worship at 9 or 11 for more on grace. Folks, sanctification is more than just a word – its a way of life, it represents the disciples  journey of hope, promise, and wonder!  Yes, grace is amazing! 

Peace, Pastor Lisa

Acts 20.32

And now I commend you to God and to the message of his grace, a message that is able to build you up and to give you the inheritance among all who are sanctified.

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