Pastor Blog January 26

A World of Difference!

I am proud to serve Cokes Chapel because you make a difference each day for Jesus Christ. 

I am so thankful to serve a church that has paid 100% of your apportionments in 2016!  When we pay our missional askings, the funds from every Methodist church around the world are combined and channeled through United Methodist schools, agencies, missionaries and ministries of the church for missional work in the name of Jesus Christ all around the world.

Just think about it – your faithful giving is used by God not just in Sharpsburg, Georgia, but to ease suffering, give hope, and bring the message of salvation to folks in languages we don’t speak, in countries that we may never visit.  On behalf of the faithful giving, children are given food, education, and hope for a better life now, and in eternity.  Talk about getting a bang for your buck!! Go to the general UMC website to see more details of what you are doing with your giving.

Your giving 100% of our missional askings for 2016 is a tremendous accomplishment to celebrate as a church!  WooHoo! Thank you for your faithful giving and generous spirit. 

Love, Pastor Lisa

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