Pastor’s Blog 1-5-16


A Reflection on Time


The change to 2017 marks a time of attention for us –  we spend some time reflecting on the past year, and hopefully even more time praying, listening and planning for the direction that God will have us take.  Of course, without God leading things get more complicated as we try to do what we think is right, is most needful, most important.  I invite you to consider where you will put your time in 2017 and how you will let God lead you in 2017!

Winnowing down our spiritual focus for 2017 can have a two pronged approach:  one, consider what your personal spiritual focus will be for the year.  Second, consider how you will corporately take part at Cokes to make disciples for Jesus Christ.  In truth, both are intimately connected to one another.  How you commit, nurture and develop in your personal spiritual life reflects in your outward actions.  Daily as you seek transformation in the most simple of thoughts and responses, and more broadly as you join with others at Cokes to do more together than we can individually.

Connections:  ours with God, with our own spiritual life and growth, with others who can support and guide us in faith and life, and together as we remain focused on making disciples for Jesus Christ.

We are a missional church, planted in 1833 in a community that is still growing, still needful of the hope and grace of the gospel, in a world that desperately needs that same Truth as balm for every pain, hurt, and fear.

What will God do with your commitment to personal spiritual growth this year?  Suggestion:  many folks are beginning to pick a “Word” as the focus for their year.  Pray about your Word for 2017 and listen to what God will lead you to.

What will God do with your commitment to the corporate work of discipleship through Cokes Chapel this year?  Suggestion:  just as you may select a Word for 2017, would you pray and select an Area of ministry for 2017?  An hour or so a week in a specific area* from every member can revolutionize our effectiveness for Jesus Christ.

May this year of our Lord be all that is intended for His Glory and honor!  If I can support you in discernment, or God is giving you inspiration for our ministry please reach out to me.  I am here to serve you! or 770.253.6052. 

Peace, Pastor Lisa

*If you haven’t yet returned our 2017 Service Opportunities, please click here for a list of ministry areas.  Print it, fill it out and drop it in the offering plate Sunday, or mail to the office.  Your ministry leaders need your support to fulfill the Word God is forming in us for 2017!


This Sunday plan to be in worship as we take part in the historical Wesley Covenant Service and remember our baptism.  All for the glory of God in 2017!


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